Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Kew Gardens

On Friday, Year 3 went to the stunning Kew Botanic Gardens. It was so exciting to go on our first trip outside of school since COVID began! The children managed to epxlore Palm and Temperate House, The Hive, The Pagoda and much more! Although The Treetop Walk was shut, we still had lots of fun exploring the beautiful gardens! During our workshop on pollination and fertilisation, the children searched for different types of bees. Some of us even found the rare red-tailed bee. The teachers running these workshops commented on how impeccable the children's behaviour was. We are ever so proud of our Year 3's! Here are a few photos to show some of the fun we had on the day:

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Spectacular Puppet Show!

This afternoon, Year 3 had such an amazing time exploring different types of puppets including, sock, hand, finger, marionnette and much more. Tony, the puppeteer, gave children some background information about the history of puppets, especially focussing on Punch and Judy. We then finished with a spectacular show which I am sure you have heard a great deal about already. Take a look at just some of the photos to show how much fun we had! Miss Cooke KIWw7LfeOXI/X6Q0rhEpt4I/AAAAAAAAKNM/UG3naOGfif0HU3Z3R60qvJthXYSTCJUQwCLcBGAsYHQ/s320/IMG_0237.JPG"/>

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

A Whole New World

Year 3 have had such an amazing start to the year already! Not only have the children settled in magnificently, they have taken on all of the new challenges we have given them. It has made all of the teachers extremely proud and we are very excited to see their amazing work after half term. Take a look at just some of the spectacular work that has taken place already! Miss Cooke, Miss Weir, Mrs Slater and Mrs Sutheran

Friday, 17 July 2020

A Farewell Message from the Year 4 team

A Farewell Message from the Year 4 team

It has been a pleasure seeing all the fantastic work you have

 done at home and, although we have missed you very much, 

having this connection has really helped. We hope that you

 have enjoyed it too.

We hope all of you and your families have a lovely summer 

and we look forward to welcoming you back as big grown up 

Year 5s in September!

Have a safe and happy summer,

All the very best of wishes,

The Year 4 team

Northbound “No Sense Prospecting In The Summer” - Northbound

Year 3 Wow Wall

What an amazing year it has been! Although it has been cut short, you have been nothing but inspirational year 3! From our tea party, to swimming, to the puppet show, to Iron Age Day and Butser Farm, we have had nothing but fun from the very beginning. We have achieved so much along the way so well done! The work you have been sending in has been spectacular and of such high quality. It really has made every single one of us unbelievably proud of everything you have done.

It looks like summer is returning with the hot weather once more. Enjoy a well deserved break and I am sure we will see you at some point in September. Have a lovely break!

Miss Cooke, Mrs Jones, Mrs Slater and Miss Weir

Friday, 10 July 2020

Summer Holiday Challenge - Trek to Tokyo

Hampshire school games trek to Tokyo

Hello everyone,

To commemorate the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which are no longer taking place this Summer, the Hampshire School Games Organisers (SGOs) are challenging you to Trek to Tokyo!

This is a 6-week challenge for the summer holidays, asking you to complete daily physical activities and creative challenges throughout each week. Earn miles for each activity you take part in and record your daily miles on the chart as you trek your way across the globe to Tokyo.

Every week there’ll be a new booklet for you to download from the Energise Me website - https://www.energiseme.org/schools/hampshire-school-games/hampshire-school-games-trek-to-tokyo/ containing different challenges for you to try and have a go at – you can even get your family and friends involved too.

So, how far is it to Tokyo? It’s 5,991 miles from Hampshire to Tokyo! That means you need to travel 1,000 miles a week to reach Tokyo by the end of the summer.

The booklets and further information can be found each week from 

Good Luck and I hope to see you in Tokyo. 
Mr Knight

Year 3 Wow Wall

I cannot believe we only have 1 week left. However, I think we all deserve the summer holidays! Fingers crossed the sunshine stays so we can enjoy the rays. 

Well done for such another fantastic week of home learning. Your mystery stories have been inspiring and we have been really impressed with all of the features you have used to build the suspense. We have also had some spectacular art work produced this week. I think some of you will become amazing artists one day! 

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Stay safe!

Miss Cooke, Mrs Jones, Mrs Slater and Miss Weir