Tuesday, 17 January 2017

An Olympic Performance

6P take you back in time to Ancient Greece!

This morning, 6P put on a spectacular class assembly; showing the events of the first ever Olympic games., including: chariot racing, boxing, sprinting and the pentathlon. The class were divided into 4 city states who competed against each other to win at the games. Throughout the performance our commentators Antius and Decadus kept us up to date with all of the sporting events. Even though all states put in a great effort, Sparta excelled the most and won the first ever Olympic games!

Finally, to finish off, the class sang an inspirational song, 'I believe' by Shaun Mendes with some excellent rapping from Caitlin, Grace, Hollie, Jai, James and Nathan Njenga.

A very well done to all the class who did a brilliant performance for their last class assembly at Newport.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

ModRoc Madness and Science

ModRoc Madness

After the break, Year 4 returned to tackle a messy day of ModRoc. The children made a trophy based on an athlete. The base was made of card and the athlete out of pipe cleaners. They were then covered in ModRoc (although it was not just the work that got covered - the classroom chairs, tables and wall may have joined in the fun too).

(Pictures to follow Monday)


After the clean up, Year 4 then spent half a day investigating different things in science. We answered scientific questions such as: 'Can people with the longest legs jump the furthest?' and 'Do boys have bigger head than girls?'. In addition to this, we carried on our longitudinal study in which we are investigating whether more bugs live at the front or the back of the school.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Sulky Santa

Congratulations to all the adults and children who were involved in this year's Christmas production.
Please enjoy some of the photos taken during the dress rehearsal.
Merry Christmas,
Mrs Burke

Upper School Red Team Colour Day

Upper School Red team had fun this week on Team Colour Day. We made cork reindeer, handprint Christmas trees, stained glass window ginger cookies and pop-up Christmas cards.

Here are some photos of the day.

Merry Christmas!
Mrs Burke

A Full Half Term for Year 5!

What a busy time we have had throughout this half term! From our trip to the majestic Hampton Court to the Handball tournament we had this week.
Here are a few highlights - Enjoy and Merry Christmas!
Mrs Burke
Yesr 5 Leader

Lower School Yellow Team Colour Day!

Yellow Team had an amazing day for team colour day!  It was filled with lots of creative and exciting crafts and activities.  In Mrs Eaves room we got to make a Christmas table decoration and a salt dough decoration.  With Miss Lumsden we made a mini calender, using a funny picture of ourselves that Miss Croud took to put in the centre.  We also got to make a finger paint Christmas card, our challenge was to create an image using just our fingers.

It was a very fun day and there was lots of paint, glue and glitter!

An Afternoon of Handball

Playing to Win in the Year 6 Handball Tournament!

To finish this term the three year 6 classes took to the handball courts to compete in teams against the other classes and find out which class would finish top of the handball leader board.

The classes were divided into three teams, each playing four matches throughout the afternoon. Every child who took part were extremely determined to earn that first place position. Although the classes were very competitive, all children showed good sportsmanship throughout the tournament; encouraging their team mates and congratulating other teams. It was a shame they couldn't all be winners!

At the end of the afternoon, the scores were added up and the winning teams and scores were announced. 6J2 took first place with 6C1 coming in a close second. While the winning class was 6J with 6C and 6P not far behind, a very close run tournament in the end! We also had a Team of the Tournament who were 6C3 for their excellent team work and our Player of the Tournament went to Sandesh for encouraging and supporting his team mates throughout all matches.

Well done to all the year six children who had impeccable behaviour all afternoon and the year 6 team would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!