Sunday, 10 June 2018

The case of the mysterious break in...

Pupils in Year 3 were welcomed back to school this half term with some news... there had been a 'mysterious' break in to the school over the half-term. The supposed culprit had left some very unusual clues and it was up to the year 3 pupils to use their inference and deduction skills to work out the following key questions:

Who had broken in?
Where had they been in the school?
What had the culprits damaged/taken?
When had this happened?
Why did this incident occur.

Pupils worked together in small groups to investigate the scenes of the crime and over the week, most groups had become pretty confident with their conclusions.

They will be writing a newsreport based on the break in in the coming weeks... watch this space!

Take a look at some of our pictures...

Hockey Tournament Round 2!

On Thursday, children from years 4, 5 and 6 competed in round 2 of the hockey tournament at Samuel Cody. Despite not being able to make it, and the team not playing together since March, the children did really well. Mrs Burke said that their sheer determination and enjoyment of the game was a joy to watch so well done Alderwood! Unfortunately, we lost two out of the three games (6 - 0 to All Saints, 3 - 0 to Guillemont but we won 2 - 0 against Hawley!)

I am extremely proud of how well they have worked together as a team this year, making sure equality is at the heart of the game! Although we don't know where we are placed yet, I am sure the children have done well because we won two matches and drew one in the first game which is an amazing achievement!

Miss Cooke

Monday, 4 June 2018

Year 6 Think Safe

This afternoon, year 6 visited the Enterprise Centre (in Aldershot) and learnt how to keep themselves safe in the local community. They learnt about the Military Police and the ways in which this service keep the public safe. We also practised how to put people into the recovery position and even how to report crimes to the police! Overall, the children had an exciting afternoon as well as learning the importance of staying safe and noticing key details if they ever need to report anything to the local services. As always, everyone's behaviour was superb which shows how much of a credit they are to our school!

Friday, 25 May 2018

Erupting volcanoes!

Whilst most of Year 5 were at Osmington Bay, those children that remained in school have had a fantastic two days exploring volcanoes.  They found out how they were formed and then made their very own volcano using a 2l bottle, masking tape and paper mache!  Today they painted them in the design they had researched and finally got to make them erupt using bicarbonate of soda and was messy but great fun!

Osmington Bay Day Three

To start the last day of the children's residential trip, they have been harnessed up and taking part in the 'leap of faith'!  Can you believe how brave some of the children have been?  They had to climb up a narrow wooden pole, stand on the top and jump off with the aim to hit the ball.  What an exciting way to end such a fantastic trip!

A few more from Osimington Bay Day Two...