Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hampshire Cup QF draw

Fresh in are the fixtures for the next round.
Yet again we don't exactly know who we are playing as the teams are playing next week (Feb 3rd.).


The deadline to play the QF games is March 3rd.
I'll do my best to arrange a fixture date as soon as I can .

You can check out our progress and general information on the Hampshire Schools website under competitions.
Thank you for your support
Mr Edmunds

Friday, 28 January 2011

6-2 at Waterloo!

What a result!
Newport certainly raised their game today to beat a very good Purbrook team 6-2.
The entire team played so well with some fantastic passing, tackling and support play.
The boys created a number of opportunities before taking the lead with a Reece M opener. Purbrook created some fine chances that went narrowly wide. However a quick break upfield saw Reece W added a second to make it 2-0 at half time.
Purbrook immediately hit back after half time to make it 2-1 and it looked like it was going to be a long and hard second half. However a fantastic move saw Reece M slide in and score at the far post to make it 3-1 almost immediately. Muhammet came back on and scored a fourth and his first ever goal for the school. Reece added a sublime fifth and sixth to make it 6-1 and take the game away from a stunned Purbrook team. What a captain!
However to their great credit Purbrook still continued to press and scored a neat second to make it 6-2.
The final whistle blew to signal a fine victory for the reds.
Scorers: Reece 3, Reece M 2, Muhammet

A big thank you to all the MaD's who gave up their time to come all the way to support the boys.
It was certainly worth it, wasn't it?

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Don't panic, we didn't all jump out of our baths today!

No, instead we all shouted 'Eureka' as we enjoyed our Year Six Greek Day!

As well as learning all about the infamous Battle of Marathon (the inspiration for the modern day race), we enjoyed writing Ancient Greek signs, creating Greek theatre masks and our favourite activity...sampling a (fairly) authentic Ancient Greek feast!

With some of us dressed as Spartan soldiers and others as wise Atheneans, the peace was maintained by the appearance of the hero Perseus (Miss Ewing) who was closely followed by the Gorgon Medusa (Mrs Lock!) Don't worry though - she didn't turn that many into stone!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What's in your soil?

Year 3 have been investigating materials and different soils. We carried out an experiment to compare two different soil samples, by looking at the colour, texture and what materials the soil contained.

We discovered that the two soils were very different! One soil was dry and the particles were very big. The other soil was much softer, and contained twigs and even a little ant!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Super Soups!

Year 4 have been busy this week making a healthy vegetable soup. All children had the opportunity to help make the soup which included peeling and cutting all of the vegetables.
Special thanks go to Mrs Carter and Mrs Bryant for spending the whole day as chefs, working with the children and also for ensuring that the soup was ready for the children to take home the same day.
We hope you all enjoyed your soup and that you shared it with some of your family!
Mr Nicholls and Miss Rockett

Friday, 21 January 2011

Poetry in motion - The Highwayman

Year 5E have begun rehearsing for their class assembly on February 1st.
The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes.

This fantastic poem is a tragic tale of love and death.
It's going to be a rhyming, metaphoric bonanza with a few similes thrown in.

Hope to see you there!
9.15 am next Tuesday

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Newport football dates update

Here are two more BOYS league games to pencil in your diary:

St Peter's: Thursday February 3rd

Talavera: Friday February 11th

We have a Standing Cup game to play but we have not had the draw as yet. I have kept the final week of half term free for this

Mr Edmunds

Arran saves the day

Newport boys played their socks off this evening in the annual Rushmoor 5 a side tournament at Aldershot Garrison.

The night began well with a fantastic last gasp goal by Arran to draw 3-3 draw against the eventual winners South Farnborough. However a defeat to the other finalists Cherrywood and a narrow 2-3 defeat to St Bernadette's put paid to their dreams of a semi final play off.

To their credit the boys weren't disheartened and in their final game against St Peters played really well to earn a 2-0 victory to finish off the evening on a high note.

All the boys played well and showed great enthusiasm
. Getting used to a ball rebounding off the wall took some getting used to!
Charlie did brilliantly considering he has only just started to play football and kept a clean sheet first time in goal whilst Arran D scored three goals and Aaron Y blasted in his first ever goal for the school..........You can tell Lewis about that one Aaron!
Jack Marlor earned MoM award from his team mates as he stuck to his task really well in defence.

Some of the B boys will have opportunities to play next week and later in the year.
Well done boys.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Y3 taster session for Judo

During their PE lesson on 11th January, Y3 were lucky enough to have a taster session of Judo. The children learned how to fall, and how to throw someone safely.

Remember what the teacher said, though. Do NOT do this when you are not on Judo mats.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

PURBROOK tie on 28th January

Our Hampshire Cup 4th round tie against Purbrook will be played on Friday 28th June.

This creates a fixture pile up as as we have Aldershot Town's 6 a side Community Cup at Frogmore on the previous day.

We will take a smaller A team squad to Purbrook on the Friday and this will give an opportunity for more of the boys to represent the school on the Thursday.
Letters and more information will be given out next week.

Thank you for your support.
Mr Edmunds

Friday, 14 January 2011

The 'ayes' to the right ...

Phew - the temperature rose today as Year Six participated in a Newport Parliament Session. The motions to be discussed were:

This house believes that guns should be banned.
(Ayes: 15 Nos: 16)

This house believes that video games cause children to become more violent and should therefore be aged restricted.
(Ayes 22 Nos:14)

This house believes that adults should make important decisions which affect a child's future.
(Ayes 26 Nos 11)

After listening to both sides of the arguments, the floor poised challenging and insightful questions to the teams. The team debating for the second motion came under real pressure as the floor threw some very direct towards them. They were clearly skillful in their replies however as they won their debate 22 to 14!

Well done Year Six - you have learnt so much about how debating can help us make informed decisions about the way we live in society. Maybe one of you will be our next prime Minister! (If you are, can I have a raise? Tee hee!)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thank you Super Shots

Last Friday we received free tickets from Aldershot Town for the game against Oxford Utd. We had a huge uptake and all the children photographed took a parent or grandparent to the game.

All the children would like to thank Kirk Wheeler and his team for this generous gesture.

Hopefully our support can lift the Shots up the table .

Friendly In Farnborough

The boys started the new year in style by gaining a hard earned 1-1 draw against a very good St Bernadette's side. On a short but wide pitch the boys played 6 a side to compensate for the short distance. After a hard fought start the boys had to pull back a 1-0 deficit when the home side scored a stunning goal past Richard.

The boys pressed and pressed but had to be wary of the dangerous front home players. Finally after a few half chances Reece W managed to place the ball in the back of the net after a great break . There were chances at both ends with Rhys Wigmore catching the eye with a very determined performance everywhere and Richard having to make a few great blocks.

The second half saw a lot of substitiutions and an opportunity to introduce new players. Both debutants Muhammet and James performed really well and played with great composure and competed well.

Both teams could have won the game but a draw seemed to be a fair result.

Team: Richard, Juho, James, Lewis, Cameron, Reece, Rhys, Reece, Matthew, Muhammet.

Yet again we had great support from our MaD's.

It's Purbrook!

News has come through this evening that our next tie in the Hampshire Cup will be Purbrook in Waterlooville. Purbrook beat Herne School 4-2

I have contacted Purbrook to confirm that we can play next week and shall notify everyone as soon as it is confirmed.
Waterlloville is situated just off the A3 north of Portsmouth.
Mr Edmunds

Ooops! Can we get Miss Lane's sugar back?

Mrs Lock was having a bit too much fun today with mixing different materials together. Unfortunately she 'accidentally' poured Miss Lane's sugar into her jug of water, sand and marbles. Class 6LE were challenged to find a way to recover ALL the sugar before Miss Lane found out! We experimented with sieving and filtering and discovered that whilst sieves are good for removing large particles (marbles) and filters can remove small particles (the sand), the sugar was nowhere to be found!
Eventually, we realised that the sugar had actually dissolved into the water forming a solution. Making links to last term's work on the water-cycle, we worked out that we could recover the sugar if we left the solution somewhere warm so that the water would evaporate.

Phew! Now, don't tell Miss Lane will you! :)

Friday, 7 January 2011

Order, Order!

This week Year Six have been discovering how formal debates occur in the Houses of Parliament. We have watched the UK Youth Parliament debating and learnt the roles of the Speaker, the Tellers, the Proposers and the Opposition.

We have discuss the importance of debating controversial matters and are looking forward to participating in our own formal debates next week. Watch out teachers, we might propose the motion: This house believes that teachers should wear uniform!