Thursday, 7 November 2019

That's The Way To Do It!

This afternoon, year 3 had a fun-filled time with lots of laughs, when Tony (the puppeteer) put on a spectacular show! He began by telling the children about the history of Punch and Judy where we all learnt that Punch started off as Punchinello because he originally came from Italy. The earliest Punch and Judy show that was written down was in Samuel Pepys diary where he wrote about the show he watched in Covent Garden. We all got to see different types of puppets, such as shadow, marionette and finger puppets which we will be exploring in our DT lessons before we make our own hand puppet.

Overall, the children were impeccably behaved and I hope they came home telling you what a great time they had had!

Below are a few photos showing the highlights of our afternoon.

Miss Cooke

Monday, 4 November 2019

Voting With Our Feet!

Parliament Week in Year 6

The Year 6 children started Parliament Week by taking on the role of MPs and voting just as they do in the House of Commons and the House of Lords - with their feet!

All children had to stand and walk down one of the two aisle to state whether they agreed or disagreed with a statement. First, we tried it the House of Commons way by saying Aye or No and then we tried it the House of Lords way by saying Content or Not Content. Whilst most of the statements appeared to split the children's opinions, the statement about homework being optional most children seemed to agree with! Luckily, the vote did not count!

We then moved on to ballot paper voting like in a general election. For this we came up with four ideas that we could do to fundraise for Children in Need. Each child was then given a ballot paper so that they could vote in secret for which option they wanted. The winning vote will be revealed soon as Children in Need fast approaches.

We are now looking forward to the rest of Parliament week and being able to vote for our new Student Council Leader!

Friday, 4 October 2019

A Thrill-seeking Day at Chessington

Rollercoasters, Forces and Wild Animals!

Although it was a rather wet day, with many rain showers, year 6 had a fantastic day at Chessington today. All children took part in a workshop where they were able to further their understanding of forces, which they had been learning about in their topic lessons. During the session, they had to create a rollercoaster that allowed a marble to jump into a cup and test different materials to see which one created the most amount of friction.

For the rest of the day, the children were able to try out a range of different rides from the Vampire to the Rattle Snake to Dragons Fury to the Gruffalo ride. We tried to squeeze in as much as possible into our day. We even got to see some wild giraffes on the Zufari ride and the tigers at Tiger Rock.

Take a look at the pictures below to see what we got up to. 

Friday, 28 June 2019

Brilliant Barfields!

Year 6's End of Year Treat

After working extremely hard all year, the year 6 children earnt themselves their trip to Barfields this week. While 6L and half of 6K travelled to Barfields on Wednesday this week, the remaining children from 6K and the whole of 6P spent the day there today.

Luckily for the children, the British Summer finally arrived this week and the children were able to take part in all the activities with the sun shining down on them. Throughout the day, the children pushed themselves to new heights on the climbing wall, worked as a team on the low robes and team building, felt a need for speed on the quad bikes and bounced themselves tired on the areoball. 

All children had a great time taking part in the sessions, some of which they had never completed before. 

Thank you to all the parents for your support in getting the children to and from the venue, we really apprecaite your help. 

Monday, 24 June 2019

Kew Gardens

On Friday 21st June, Year 3 visited the beautiful botanical gardens at Kew, London. Most began the day experiencing the magnificent Tree Top Walk which meant we could admire the spectacular views of Kew. After that, we went inside Temperate House and Palm House where we saw plants and trees from all around the world! During our workshop on pollination, the children got to use small paintbrushes to see if they could find some pollen that the bees had left. 3J's group even witnessed a bee that had 2 huge pollen sacks. It had definitely been busy that day! We all learnt about the life cycle of a plant and even identified the different types of bees who were busy working under the glorious sunshine. Well done to all of the children who were impeccably behaved. We had such a great day out learning about a range of plants!

Miss Cooke