Thursday, 23 July 2009

Tesco & Sainsbury's Equipment for Schools

Thank you to everyone who sent in the recent vouchers from Sainsbury's and Tesco Equipement for Schools campaigns.

We have just recieved 5 new Digital Cameras, 5 Media Cards and 2 Media Card Readers. These items have arrived in plenty of time for the next academic year and will be used across the school. In addition, we have been able to obtain brand new Art and Cookery Aprons for the Whole School to use in Art, Design and Technology lessons.

Thank you once again.

Monday, 20 July 2009


Today was Sports Day for Belle Vue and Newport Schools. For the second year running we held our sports day at The Connaught School on their large playing fields. The event started for Newport children with a picnic lunch with their parents and the children at Belle Vue Infants all on the field.

After lunch it was down to business with several races including a team relay...

The traditional egg and spoon....

Bean Bag on the Head - it's harder than it looks!!!

A Space Hopper Relay!

And a sprint race...

Each year group and class took part in all the races and did really well and thankfully the weather was kind to us too!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


It's that time of year when Year Six perform their end of year production. This year the Year 6's have been working hard to give us an excellent production of HONK!

Honk is the tale of a young duck who is different from the rest. His family ridicules him, calling him Ugly and laughing at him because he cannot quack - he can only honk!

An evil cat takes advantage of the friendless duck and, pretending to be his firend, invites him to lunch! Unfortunately, this poor duckling doesn't realise that his is to be the main course!

The ducks back at the farmyard are worries about ugly and set out on a mission to find him.

Meanwhile Ugly and the Cat join forces with a gaggle of geese, who help him to try to find his mum.

Ugly eventually realises that the cat is not as friendly as he first thought and makes his escape. He has lost and friendless.

A chance encounter with a bullfrog teaches him an improtant lessons - that everybody has someone to love them, even if they are ugly. Sonn hafter this Ugly meets a yougn swan called Penny who he immediately likes.

There are further adventures with the cat, a farmer and a blizzard. You'll have to come and watch or ask someone in Y6 what happens to Ugly in the end!

Friday, 10 July 2009

3R's class assembly

This morning, 3R taught the school all about the life of Rodney Runner Bean. We saw some of the wonderful art, English and science work 3R have been completing this half term.

The assembly was very informative and they sung a wonderful song all about how plants grow.

Thank you to all the parents who came to support their children.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Y6 Family Learning Afternoon

This term we have been studying our topic 'Your Country Needs You!" and learning all about life in Britain in World War II.

On Friday afternoon our parents and grandparents came into school and we held a family learning afternoon.

It was great fun, we made model air raid shelters.

And cooked some 'historical' war time recepies.