Monday, 27 February 2012

Heads,toes, hearts and lungs....

Some Year 4/5 pupils today got the wonderful opportunity at the Rushmoreable science cluster to get close to seeing how the heart and lungs work closely together. Dave Cook, from Cove Secondary school, led the session and started by asking the children why is it that insects don't have a set of lungs like us? The children then watched a series of practical experiments to show the anatomy of the these vital organs  ( using organs obtained from sheep), followed by some experiments to discover how hard the heart has to work during exercise. Andrei, Zak and Markus drew line graphs of their results and explained their results fully in terms of blood oxygen levels and the heart's pumping action.
Did you know we can do without water for 3 days, food for 3 weeks but only 3 minutes without oxygen?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tagless rugby

Last Thursday, Y5 and Y6 competed in the second tag rugby tournament this season at AFRFC. Mr Edmunds forgot the to mention to bring the tags to the tournament but luckily Mr May saved the day and went back to get them. In doing so we helped another tag less team who had done the very same thing!

Unfortunately, the A team's first opponents never showed up and we had to wait to play our first competitive game. Luckily we played a few hastily arranged friendlies and had a great time!
 The B team, led by Aiden as captain, won 2 games whilst the A team, led by Liam and Bethany, easily beat an inexperienced Grange and narrowly lost two games to Potley Hill and Crondall.

All the players showed great commitment, improved teamwork, organisation and passing. A special mention should go to Mollie who ran the length of the field to set up an easy try for Liam against Crondall.
A big thank you to all theMaD's  who turned up to support the children.

Tag rugby club is at school , every Friday.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Festival of Colours in Year Three!

This week year three have been focusing on the Hindu festival of Holi. The children have learnt about the story of Prahlad and the battle of good vs evil.

To show off our learning, we spent the day making Holi masks, our own Rangoli designs and then used pastels to create good vs evil colour collages. Watch the video below to see some pictures of the day's various activities.

The children all thoroughly enjoyed the day and were extremely creative with their masks. A big thank you to all of the parents who came into lower school to have a look at the children's work. I know they all really appreciated it.


Excitement  and speculation of who will be in with the chance of winning a much prized Oscar this year will soon be all over the newspapers and internet. However the film and TV industry wouldn't exist without the skills and imagination of people who can translate great characters and plot lines to the screen. Not often in the spotlight, it is the script writer who makes the first steps on that creative journey. Some year 6 pupils had the exciting opportunity of spending a day working with the reknown script writer, Nazrin Choudhury. She has won many awards for her script writing and although her name may be unfamiliar  to you, she has written episodes of many TV hits such as Waterloo Road, Eastenders, Coronation Street and Doctors.

Nazrin began the day by sharing the writing format used by scriptwriters and comparing it to the final film version. Throughout the busy day, Nazrin guided everyone through the process of devising interesting characters and then linking them together to form an exciting plotline. Scripts were then written to an incredibly tight deadline (just like in the real world).

Everyone had great fun performing selected scenes from their stories remembering to include stage directions for not only the actors but props and technical members of the film crew. Well done to Alex, Lauren, Reece and Liam who were great members of their script teams. A big thank you to Mr May for transporting the children back to school at the end of this exciting day.

Mrs Fieldgate