Friday, 23 October 2009


Year 5 have been cutting, sawing, drawing, marking, positioning, placing, measuring, sticking and constructing furiously this week. Oh, and a little instructional writing too.

Yes it's been English and DT lessons combined this week.

The boys and girls have kept all their fingers in tact during this highly intensive activity and have taken home an array of wonderful cam toy mechanisms.


Today, Year 5E's assembly was out of this world! Our assembly was full of facts and information about space and aspects of the topic we have studied over the last half term.
Juho and Lewis wrote a script developed from ideas supplied by the pupils. Every member of the class had a part and various members of the cast finished the assembly with a space rap.

Football Frenzy!

The Year 5/6 Girls Football Team took part in yet another tournament and they have only been playing together since the end of September! The girls were fantastic Newport Junior representatives and they did the school and themselves proud. They may not have scored many goals (so, so, so many near misses!) but they had a great time and played together as a team brilliantly. So well done girls and let's look forward to getting some rewards for all the hard work and determination you put in!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Children at Newport are taught a range of instruments. All of Year Three are learning the ukulele this term. Year Four are learning the descant recorder until Christmas, and SCAMPS run guitar lessons after school on Fridays. After Christmas, both Y5 and Y6 will have a term of tuition using the recorder.

A representative of SCAMPS came into school during assembly, to show the children what they could learn in his lessons. The children thoroughly enjoyed his antics! If you would like your child to learn the guitar, please collect a form from the office in school.
Don't forget the music clubs available at school. There are two recorder clubs (beginner and intermediate) a glockenspiel club and a gospel choir.
A quick surf on the internet will give you a great deal of information about the connections between music and maths, or reading. To encourage your child to play a musical instrument or sing with a choir is a very good thing to do, if you want to help him or her make progress. Please contact Mrs. Austin via the school office if you would like your child to take up an instrument.

6LE - Future Statistical Analysts!

In Year Six this week, we are following mathematical lines of enquiry to find out the answers to some questions we have posed such as: which product is most common when you roll and multiply together two dice?
Here we are investigating our question; we recorded our data using group frequency charts and then displayed that information as bar charts.

Oh and just for your information ... the totals 1-6 were most common!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

What a performance!

This week in English, the children are enjoying performing poetry using instruments, actions and props! They are using a variety of poems written by well known poets. Our favourites so far are: Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg and Louder by Roger Stevens. The Oscars for the best actors are.... To be announced at the end of this week. Watch this space!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Fly me to the moon...!

The pupils of Year Five were treated to an amazing trip to the stars this week with the arrival of a Planetarium in our school hall. Once inside, the pupils learnt all about the wonders of the universe and were treated to a fantastic view of the stars!

Watch this space NASA, we think we may have a few budding astronauts here!

Newport Community IT Clinic

Learners of all ages enjoyed themselves this week at Newport's Community IT Clinic!

Adults from our local community were supported by our excellent pupil tutors in learning how to take, download and save digital images. You can see some of the results above!

The clinic will run for another month with our keen 'new pupils' learning about email, internet use and having a go at creating some computer art!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Harvest festival

Newport Junior School gathered in the hall on Tuesday this week, to celebrate Harvest festival. Year 5 and the choir club entertained us and taught us all about harvest and the right to food.

The gifts that the whole school have been donating were collected by a member of the Salvation Army and will be distributed to needy people in Aldershot and the surrounding area. He spoke to the school about where the food will go and why it is needed.

Here are all the gifts we have had donated under our harvest festival display in the hall, before they were collected by the Salvation Army. Well done for all giving a gift!

Gremlin Dance Club

Sara and Gremlin Dance club will be back after half term starting on Friday 13th November. There are now a few vacancies so pupils on the waiting list will be selected (at random) and invited to come along. You can see from the picture that the pupils are learning some great dance moves!

We have also entered Dance Challenge 2010 which will be on March 11th in Aldershot.Further news to follow closer to the date.

Sketching movements in Year 4

In our Art lesson we have been learning how to sketch movements using wooden figures and have produced flip books and sketches to put up on display. It is very important to use the correct pressure with our sketching pencils. We have enjoyed creating our pictures and learning different techniques.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Football - Newport V Talavera


Our first league game of the season in the new 7 a side format ended in a rear guard action victory over our neighbours Talavera. Despite having many more shots on goal Talavera could not break down the solid Newport defence marshalled solidly by captain Jake Channon and the outstanding Richard Barton in goal.

Newport opened the scoring with a quick clearance up field which Reece Watmore lobbed cooly into the net over the advancing goalie.This was soon added to by a wonderful strike from the ever improving Lewis Donald. 2-0 at half time remained so until 5 minutes from the end when Talavera scored with a deflected shot. Newport dug in and tackled and tackled and held out to claim all the points.

Talavera were unlucky not to get anything from the game but the boys were magnificent in their desire to keep their lead. Man of the match choice was easy: Richard Barton.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


This term at Newport Junior School, we have been very lucky to be visited a second time by a chamber ensemble through the Cavatina Trust. Chamber music can be played by any number of musicians, from 2 to 9 - and sometimes even more. Each instrumentalist has his or her own line of music to play. This is not like an orchestra, where several musicians in each group of instruments could be playing the same thing.
As the ensembles (small groups of musicians) can play together in a room, this kind of music is called Chamber Music. You may remember that the French word for room is 'chambre'.
Two years ago, the children were fortunate enough to hear music from a String Quartet (The Brodowski Quartet). On September 23rd, we welcomed The Thorne Trio.

What a treat was in store for us. The trio played a clarinet, a bassoon and an oboe. The children all knew what the clarinet sounded like, as they had had it played to them in the listening section of their music lessons, but now they were introduced to the sound of the bassoon and the oboe. It was wonderful to hear just how low the bassoon sounded and how high the oboe could play.
During the hour long concert, the children were given several opportunities to join in. Much clapping and marching followed, and finally, one or two children were asked to conduct the Trio. They had to change dynamic and tempo. (Loudness and speed). Both Harry and Shona did a fantastic job. Well done to both of you.
The Cavatina Trust enables children to attend concerts and hear chamber music. If you would like to know more, please look them up on the 'net, where you will see how you can get free tickets for many events. There is a concert in November in the Wigmore Hall, London.
Here are some responses to the music from children in our school:
Rio Figg 5E

The oboe was swift with calm
Soothing song
Went through my ears
And dingled my spine
It tingled, then it stopped.
It was summer from the song
It called for me.

The bassoon cried at me
Like chatter swinging at me.
It came for me
It bounded my heart.

The clarinet, a whistling cherub
I don’t believe it could see me
It folded up the room
I breathed it into my lungs
It was unbelievable
It played other tunes
I was caught.
From Harry Barton 5L
When I came into the hall
I was expecting something boring.
As you walked in
I was a little happier,
Because you were smiling brightly.
While you were playing
With your clarinet oboe and bassoon
I was inspired to play an instrument.
My favourite part was when
You played Peter and the Wolf,
And played ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’
With the eerie mouth pieces.
I loved the clarinet
Its music soared through my head.
It really stood out.
Its music was soothing.
I liked where you made the teachers go mad!

From Jake Robinson 4C:
Thank you to the Thorne Trio. I think all of us really liked the concert, because the classical music was peaceful and joyful. All of us at Newport School would have liked you to play more. My favourite bits were where you played from the highest notes of your instrument to the lowest notes, and when you played musical instrument games with us.
We intend to have more live music at Newport school. Your children will bring home any further information, when we have made arrangements. If you would like your child to learn a musical instrument, please contact Mrs. Austin, via the school office.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Brilliant Builders in Year 6

Year 6 pupils were celebrating being named as runners up in the First Partnership Building Challenge. The judges were hugely impressed with the Newport's team work,communication skills and co-ordination. " It was extremely stressful to have the team rely on your memory of the model", commented Aiden (Project manager) and Melissa ( Site Enginner). Jamie (Planner)interpreted their ideas accurately on paper under the watchful eye of team mates Gemma( Builder) and Megan (Foreman). The competition was very close contested between 7 Hampshire schools although Newport's sensible use of resources along with excellent budget guidance from Diya (Quantity Surveyor) meant they constructed the most cost efficient and accurate building model.

The Newport team made friends during the break whilst judging took place. Mr Dunacan Kim , a bridge designer, from WSP presented Newport pupils with their prizes.

Well done Year 6! (Perhaps Mrs de Sausmarez should consult them for any future school building projects).

Year 3 Go Ukulele Crazy!

This term Year 3 are lucky enough to be learning how to play the Ukulele. We have a special teacher come in on a Thursday afternoon from the Hampshire Music Service. So far this term we have learnt how to play all 4 strings and 2 chords! Watch out George Formby because Year 3 will be performing at Newport soon!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Year 6 Maths

This week Mrs Fieldgate's group have been using computers and chocolate in their maths lessons.

Using a sophisticated 3D computer programme, they have been investigating the relationship of edges (E), vertices(V) and faces (F) on a vast range of 3D shapes. They discovered (F+V)-2=E .

Year 6 also found that packaging of a famous swiss chocolate is a traingular based prism however the chocolate inside was not!!

Friday, 9 October 2009


Netball practice was a little unusual this week in 5E.

The children worked in teams to put up the netball posts safely. Rather unusual you may think but there is a knack to doing it .

You can see the pupils placing the post into the base safely and then raising the main post by walking forward.

All the pupils worked really well in their respective teams to earn extra team points.

4C's Class Assembly

In Year 4 we have been learning all about skeletons.
Our topic this term is Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.
4C performed their class assembly telling us all about bones and where they are in our bodies. There was lots
of acting and movment to the assembly.

Football Tournament

On Thursday evening , this week, (8th Oct.) both the girls and boys competed in our sporting family mini football tournament against St Michael's and Park Primary.

Altogether 37 pupils played for our three teams!

Thankfully the weather was glorious and the football was fantastic. everyone had a great time. The girls played well and drew all of their games whilst the Boys A team won the tournament winning 3 of their 4 games and the B team only lost one game but beat the A team ( Great goal Rhys!)

What a great start to the season! the girls play St Joseph's next Monday.The boys will play Talavera next week too.

Many thanks to all the parents who transported all the children.

Mr Edmunds

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Jan Hedgman , local author of "Party in the Garden" visited our school to read her book for Children's Book Week 2009. Little did the children realise that Jan knew the school well as she is a cleaner here!

Party in the Garden is avaliable to order from amazon! Jan is currently about to publish a second book and is about to leave school to take up a new position to run a local pub! We'd like to thank Jan for taking the time to come and share her book with us and wish her well at her new job!

Sandwich Success!

Last week Year 3 were lucky enough to make a healthy sandwich. They used their designs and research of bread to help them create a successful sandwich. They had to carefully think about which fillings would be healthy but still taste good! The children were able to practise skills such as buttering bread and cutting! Watch out Masterchef because in Year 3 we have some budding chefs! Just have a look at the photos!

Flora Cooking With Schools

Thank you to all of you who collected registered your 'Flora Cooking With Schools' vouchers. We collected a total of 140 vouchers which have been used to buy £28. worth of cooking equipment for use in school.
We have been able to buy:
  • Digital Scales
  • A Measuring Jug
  • A Cooling Tray
  • A Rolling Pin
  • A Baking Sheet
  • A Mixing Bowl
  • and a couple of Wooden Spoons!!
Thanks again!

Row, row, row your boat

On Tuesday 29th October 2009, Year 6 visited Dapdune Wharf, a National Trust site in Guildford, as part of our topic: "Row, row, row your boat". We were very lucky as the weather was kind to us and we managed to complete lots of activities on the river side.

We learnt about how the river has been made navigational and how it has been used over time.

We also investigated the flow rate of the river using oranges.

Monday, 5 October 2009


After requests from the pupils -Tag rugby training has recently started for year 6 pupils
Training will be on Fridays after school, every fortnight with Mr Edmunds
The girls really surprised the boys with their better team work, communication and passing.....
Obviously, this was not a surprise to the girls!

Autumn bronze

As the autumn leaves turn bronze .
Seven pupils in 5E have collected their bronze certificates this week.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Literacy is fun!

We have been using musical instruments and drama to emphasise various lines from the poem such as Last night, I saw the City laughing and Last night, I saw the City dancing. We had lots of fun and each group produced an entertaining performance.

Literacy is Fun!

Year 4 have been learning about poetry. We have been performing in groups the poem Last Night, I Saw The City Breathing by Andrew Fusek Peters. Have you heard of this?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Happy Dashain 2066!

Our friends in Nepal and some of our own pupils and their families, are currently enjoying celebrating the festival of Dashain. In assembly today, we learnt that this festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the defeat of the demon Mahisha by the Goddess Durga. We enjoyed listening to the story of the Goddess Durga - it was very exciting and we all cheered when she won!

This is a picture of the Goddess, she had 1000 arms and in each one she held a weapon from the Gods.

Nuts about netball

Year 5E pupils can be seen practising their throwing and catching skills in netball practice. Netball club runs every Thursday, after school ,with Miss Rockett.The league season starts soon.

Meet our new friends!

We are very excited to announce that Newport Junior School now has an International partner in Nepal.
The pupils and staff at the Kuleshwor Awas Secondary School, Kathmandu, have already started to send us some information about their lives and their culture.
In assembly this week, Mrs Lock introduced us all to our new friends and we are looking forward to emailing them soon.
Mrs Jones also shared her experiences of travelling in Nepal as she went on an amazing adventure there this summer. She even had to give an elephant a bath!
This picture shows some of our new friends working in their classroom with their teacher. What similarities and differences can you see between the classroom in Nepal and our own?

What a load of carrots.......

Former year 5 pupils : Scott, Ben, Jack and Troy, (all now in 6J) collected two prestigious awards in the Rushmoor in Bloom competition.
This year the boys received a second place certificate for "best school ground"and some vouchers from Squires garden centre. Here they are pictured with a recent crop of carrots.