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This term at Newport Junior School, we have been very lucky to be visited a second time by a chamber ensemble through the Cavatina Trust. Chamber music can be played by any number of musicians, from 2 to 9 - and sometimes even more. Each instrumentalist has his or her own line of music to play. This is not like an orchestra, where several musicians in each group of instruments could be playing the same thing.
As the ensembles (small groups of musicians) can play together in a room, this kind of music is called Chamber Music. You may remember that the French word for room is 'chambre'.
Two years ago, the children were fortunate enough to hear music from a String Quartet (The Brodowski Quartet). On September 23rd, we welcomed The Thorne Trio.

What a treat was in store for us. The trio played a clarinet, a bassoon and an oboe. The children all knew what the clarinet sounded like, as they had had it played to them in the listening section of their music lessons, but now they were introduced to the sound of the bassoon and the oboe. It was wonderful to hear just how low the bassoon sounded and how high the oboe could play.
During the hour long concert, the children were given several opportunities to join in. Much clapping and marching followed, and finally, one or two children were asked to conduct the Trio. They had to change dynamic and tempo. (Loudness and speed). Both Harry and Shona did a fantastic job. Well done to both of you.
The Cavatina Trust enables children to attend concerts and hear chamber music. If you would like to know more, please look them up on the 'net, where you will see how you can get free tickets for many events. There is a concert in November in the Wigmore Hall, London.
Here are some responses to the music from children in our school:
Rio Figg 5E

The oboe was swift with calm
Soothing song
Went through my ears
And dingled my spine
It tingled, then it stopped.
It was summer from the song
It called for me.

The bassoon cried at me
Like chatter swinging at me.
It came for me
It bounded my heart.

The clarinet, a whistling cherub
I don’t believe it could see me
It folded up the room
I breathed it into my lungs
It was unbelievable
It played other tunes
I was caught.
From Harry Barton 5L
When I came into the hall
I was expecting something boring.
As you walked in
I was a little happier,
Because you were smiling brightly.
While you were playing
With your clarinet oboe and bassoon
I was inspired to play an instrument.
My favourite part was when
You played Peter and the Wolf,
And played ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’
With the eerie mouth pieces.
I loved the clarinet
Its music soared through my head.
It really stood out.
Its music was soothing.
I liked where you made the teachers go mad!

From Jake Robinson 4C:
Thank you to the Thorne Trio. I think all of us really liked the concert, because the classical music was peaceful and joyful. All of us at Newport School would have liked you to play more. My favourite bits were where you played from the highest notes of your instrument to the lowest notes, and when you played musical instrument games with us.
We intend to have more live music at Newport school. Your children will bring home any further information, when we have made arrangements. If you would like your child to learn a musical instrument, please contact Mrs. Austin, via the school office.

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