Thursday, 27 June 2013

So you want to be....a web designer.

Everyone at Newport has been working hard throughout the year to take steps , both big and small, to achieve their goals. This week some Year 5 & 6 pupils got a taste of what it is like to be a web designer. The internet has billions of websites but what makes a great, interactive and functional webpage? Well, surprisingly enough the answer is punctuation! Using the software package  Mozilla thimble, the Newport pupils were, along with budding programmers from the Rushmoreable schools cluster,  shown how to use HTML (Hyper text mark up language) to create their own web page.

All the skills we use in our english lessons of using the correct punctuation marks in the right place and careful editing skills are very similar to those needed to write a successful web page programme. HMTL has an enormous range of markers (punctuation) that enables programmers to perform a huge variety of tasks-  from changing the font style , image size, allowing text  to scroll across the page and create links to other useful websites to name just a few. Needless to say the children created some fantastic and imaginative web pages of their own on a wide range of topics from a Treasure Island inspired story web  page to a favourite food web page. A big thank you  to Mrs Pang for hosting this ICT workshop at Cove secondary school- all the children are very keen to set to work to create their own web watch this space!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Year 5 climbed their way to victory!

This afternoon year 5 were able to face their fears and attempt the climbing wall in school. Have a look at the photos below to see how we challenged ourselves.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

3000 year old "Crimewatch" case cracked!

This week some Year 5 pupils proved that they had all the detective skills needed to solve a 3000 year old crime! Using all their powers of deduction and superb observation skills, the pupils managed to identify ancient artefacts that had been stolen by daring tomb raiders and reunited them with their ancient Egyptian owners. As keen Newport historians turned  detectives ,they knew these unsolved crimes were cases were of life and death-as without all their possessions the ancient Egyptians believed they couldn't travel safely to the afterlife.
Well done to Billy, Dominic, Holly, Megan, Ellie and Stanley who represented Newport School brilliantly in this history themed Rushmoreable workshop held at Cranford Park Primary.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Enjoying the sun during our PE morning at Connaught

Year 5 worked extremely hard at a variety of different athletic activities during our PE morning at Connaught. We were able to try the long jump and high jump, as well as practicing our relay and sprinting skills for sports day! Have a look at the pictures below to see how much fun we had!