Thursday, 30 March 2017

Handball Superstars!

Olympian's in the Making

I would like to say a massive well done to the nine year 6 students who took part in a fast-paced and intense handball tournament earlier this afternoon. Competing against five other teams, Newport used their first game as a warm up and followed it up with four fantastic matches.

Winning three out of the five games, the children should be extremely proud of their achievements throughout the tournament. Up front, their was some spectacular shooting from Ollie Lewis-Gorton (I don't know how he didn't score more!) as well as some excellent dribbling and shooting skills from Arthur Cooper. Katso and Sienna, used their netball skills to block and defend, whilst Hayden and Cole and Harry Scotcher made some super saves in goal. Our team would not have been complete without Nathan 1 and Nathan 2, who added pace and quick passing skills to the games. Well done to all the children who took part today, you represented the school fantastically: showing great sportsmanship with each other and other teams. 

Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents who attended the tournament today, giving up your time to cheer on and support the whole team. I know I and the children really appreciated it.

Friday, 24 March 2017

An Afternoon of Sport

Lacrosse and Cricket Stars Shine!

This half term the children have been enjoying Pop Lacrosse in their PE lessons. As a new sport, the children have jumped right in, picking up rules and techniques as they go. Being an invasion game, the children have continued to develop their awareness of using the whole space on the pitch and have been showing great progression when playing matches at the end of the lesson.

Additionally, this afternoon all year 6 classes had a cricket session run by a coach from Aldershot Cricket Club. Starting with a quick warm up, the children were quick on their feet to practise their ball handling skills. We then went straight into a game, with the class teacher as the bowler! However, some of us teachers may be banned next time as we kept bowling the children out in quick succession! To the end the lesson, the children had to think fast during a game of catch to determiner who would be the master catcher in their class! Our cricket sessions continue next Friday afternoon, so please make sure PE kits are in school.

3E Roman Assembly

A huge thank you to all the parents and friends who helped us learn our lines for our class assembly.
It was a huge success.

Science Boffin visits Newport Junior School

Science Boffin Charys visited Newport Junior School. Entertaining the whole school with an amazing assembly demonstrating how to make toothpaste for an elephant and explaining how a bird flies through the air. Later that day, Science Boffin Charys visited Year 3.  She demonstrated how static electricity works and we all had the opportunity to make ice- cream using dry ice.

Year 3 Visit to Butser Farm

Year 3 had an amazing day at Butser Farm.  The sun shone and everyone was happy, we even managed to picnic outside. We were able to share all the information that we had learnt about the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Romans as well as learning many fascinating new facts.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Year 3 and 4 Rugby Festival

Rugby Festival

children from Year 3 and Year 4 were selected for a tag rugby tournament at Samuel Cody. Despite the cold weather, the children played exceptionally well winning the majority of their games. Although, this tournament was mainly for fun, our team was selected as the best in the group. As a result they played an extra match  - which they won again. 

It was clear that the children had listened and learnt a lot of new skills in PE which they applied on the pitch. Miss George and Mr Jones were extremely pleased with the teams sportsmanship, skills and team work. It was these qualities which led us to win several of the matches.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Cross Country Runners Strike Again

Another Outstanding Performance from our Cross Country Runners!

Gathering at Frogmore Community College for the Festival of Running, our cross country runners once again showed great skill and determination during their races. Not letting more competitors or a bigger distance put them off, all the children showed great potential during today's fun run races. 

Arriving on the field, the children were told the course, which appeared to be much further than last week. However, the pupils were eager to get to the start line and give it their best shot. There was an amazing performances from all our runners, with all of them finishing in the top 20! 

A special thank you should go to Miss Twell, who joined us at the race to prepare the children and cheer them on! Miss Twell and I could not be prouder of all the children who took part today; a massive well done to you all!

I am now looking forward to seeing your performances on Sports Day! 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Newport Vs. St Michael's Netball

Newport Vs. St Michael's Netball

A huge congratulations to the Newport Netball team for their incredible win against St Michael's this afternoon. The team worked amazingly together, communicating and acting quickly. Everything they have learnt so far in club they put into action on the court this afternoon.
Newport won 8-1!

Well done to all who played this afternoon

5B's French Assembly

Congratulations to 5B for a wonderful Class Assembly all in French!
Here, you can enjoy some photos of the performance.