Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Y3 Viking Project

Newport Juniors is an active member of the Rushmoor able child group. Each half term teachers from the eight member schools organise events for pupils across the junior age range to work cooperatively on challenging tasks.

On 11th February Year 3 pupils travelled to Fernhill Primary in Farnborough to participate in a Viking project. The morning session enabled the pupils to examine artefacts, learn about everyday life along with discovering facts their fearsome reputation as warriors. Working with pupils from other schools, Newport children enjoyed freeze frame drama activities, Viking quizzes and the opportunity to present reasons for including their favourite artefacts to a museum curator. The morning was fact filled with lots of fun. On returning to school, Newport pupils were keen to research even more about these interesting invaders! As well as the academic challenge , the children really enjoyed working with other pupils and all commented that they had made new friends.

Where shall we place the Vikings in our timeline?

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Y6 Science Fair

Compost, starfish and first aid – these proved to be an interesting mixture of topics that was studied by Newport pupils during an exciting afternoon visit to the science fair with Mrs Fieldgate. The science fair, organised by First Partnership, was targeted at Year 6 pupils and focussed on linking concepts learnt in the classroom with the real world. This annual event held at St Joseph’s Primary, Aldershot involved a wide range of exhibitors including Blue Reef Aquarium at Portsmouth, St John’s Ambulance and Nokia.
Amongst the interesting and popular exhibitors was WRAP. This organisation encourages waste reduction and increased recycling rates, making better use of resources and helping to tackle climate change. Newport pupils enjoyed finding out how to make the perfect compost and what creatures inhabit healthy compost. Being hands on meant using the compost to plant up some carnation seeds in seedling containers made from newspaper. A great money saving idea for Newport’s gardening club!

The fire brigade, using possibly the world’s largest smoke detector, demonstrated how the different circuit components work together to keep us safe. Newport pupils were quick to apply their knowledge of electrical circuits and testing of the system proved deafening.

Newport pupils also learnt new skills including willow weaving and how to tell whether a crab is male or female. Just in case you’re not sure...The key is the triangular shell shaped section on the underside of the crab (a modified tail) indicates a female; this forms an important device to ensure the eggs are buried safely in the sand.

All too soon the afternoon drew to a close, clutching all the goodies from the various exhibits, the Year 6 scientists returned to school having a greater appreciation of science in the real world.

Friday, 6 February 2009

UNICEF Day for Change

On 6 February 2009, schools across the country took part in UNICEF’s Day for Change to raise money for child health and well-being projects in Papua New Guinea.
Every year since 1989, Day for Change has given children the chance to learn about their rights, their world and the contribution they can make while raising money for UNICEF’s work around the world.

We raised over £170. on the day and all chidlren took part in special lessons on the Day for Change about the work that UNICEF does.

We also had a change in roles, the children dressed as teachers...

and the teachers came to school dressed as children!

Monday, 2 February 2009


Belle Vue Infant and Newport Junior Schools will both be closed on Tuesday 3 February 2009.

We have received advice that the temperature is due to go down to -5C overnight, refreezing any thawing snow. Another 5-10cm of snow coming in from the south is forecast for Tuesday morning. The BBC is reporting that travelling conditions for the morning will be "lethal".

The forecast for later on Tuesday is for a thaw, so we fully expect to be open on Wednesday - please check the school website for details.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


The school is closed today (Monday 2nd February 2009) due to the snow.