Friday, 25 January 2019

Iron Age Day

Today, Year 3 had a fantastic time learning all about the Iron Age which followed on from our topic 'Yabba Dabba Doo' where we have been learning all about the Stone and Bronze Age. We started off the day with an assembly, where Iron Age Matt taught the children all about weapons, clothes and tools that would have been used in this era. The children even got to become warriors and chiefs as they learnt all about village life!

After this, the children learnt all about the materials used, including animal skins and chain mail, which they got to touch. This helped them to understand more about what life would have been like during the Iron Age.

In the afternoon, everyone took part in warrior training which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We even got to make our own shields and spears! We will be finishing these off in the next few weeks and then the children will be able to take them home to show you their masterpieces.

Overall, we had a jam-packed and thrilling day. Thank you to everyone for organising costumes for the children - they looked amazing! Have a look at some of the pictures we took. We hope they have captured the fun we had.

Miss Cooke

Harry Potter Day

Marvellous Magic!

Whilst some of our year group have been out at Harry Potter Studios today, the rest of year 6 have been experiencing what life is like at Hogwarts! 

Children started the day by passing through the wall to Platform 9 3/4 before being sorted into their house by the Sorting Hat! Lessons soon began, starting with either Quidditch or an explosive Potions Class. Although we may not have had broomsticks, the children still learnt the rules of the game and it got rather competitive between the houses, especially when Professor Knight released the snitch. Meanwhile, in Potions Class, the children experimented with different ingredients, such as grounded unicorn horn and dragon's blood (extremely hard for Professor Parker to obtain), to make potions that grew, exploded and revealed if people had secrets or not! 

In the afternoon, the children then took part in Charm's class, where they learnt how to handle a wand and practised some simple spells - they do know that they are not allowed to use these in the muggle world. Following this, they learnt how to levitate a feather, just like in the movie! 

To end the day, the children took part in a History of Magic lesson, where we took a video tour of Hogwarts and then created our own artwork using oil pastels. 

All children successfully completed their first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!