Thursday, 29 June 2017

A Great End to Sports Week

All Stages Successfully Completed!

Alderwood Juniors are, today, celebrating another successful sports week that may not have finished in Paris like the actual Tour de France but did finish with a celebration of achievement and success in the school hall.

From orienteering to jersey designing to planning the next route for the Tour de France, all children have been busy this week showing off their knowledge and skill as they competed in their own stages of the Tour de France. However, the highlight for most children this week was the traffic light static bike challenge! For the last two days, endless cheering has been heard from the music room as each class encouraged and supported their team mates to keep cycling! Even members of staff couldn't resist competing against each other! 

Well done to the children who all gave 100% effort this week in every challenge and task they were given. Now they have learnt about the Tour de France, I hope they will start watching this years race when it starts on Saturday. Enjoy a well earned rest this weekend!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Stage 3 of the Tour de France Completed!

Year 6 Orienteering Challenge

Today, 6P and 6C used their team work and map reading skills to complete the orienteering course created for them. Using a map of the school, the children had to locate 10 stations which contained the answers to the Tour de France themed questions on their sheet. At first some children found it difficult to locate their position on the map but once that had mastered that they were off and flying round the course.

 Even though Mrs Wiseman and Miss Watson had hidden some of the station cards extremely well, all children worked well in the groups to uncover all of the answers. It was a fun session for all!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Think Safe Event

This morning, Year 6 went to St John's Ambulance in Farnborough to experience a variety of services that are provided in the local area, including the police, fire service, St John's Ambulance and many more! Everyone learnt vital skills such as the recovery position and what to do if there is a fire at home. We also learnt the importance of stranger danger and how to check if a product is safe to purchase. As always, the children's behaviour was impeccable! A particular highlight for everyone was meeting Poppy, who was a dog warden, and being able to learn about the Military Police. Below are some photos of some of our highlights of the morning: