Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Science Circus

Along with Sports day, year 4 had a science activity morning. We used all the skills we had learnt this half term in our Go With The Flow topic to seperate solids,
classify solids, seperate liquids and solids, identify solids and liquids, and measure the capacity of different containers. It was a busy morning, but we all had a great time.
Year 4 went to Selborne a few weeks ago, and they were amazed at some of the rural features they saw. We saw hay bales, thatched houses and went on a listening walk.
We even got to see a house in the process of being thatched.

The children really enjoyed their trip and learnt so much from their day.

Super support for school council

The school council would like to say a huge thank you to all the pupils and parents who supported the cake sale during the home learning exhibition afternoon. A fantastic array of homemake cakes, muffins, cookies arrived at school to be sold as a way of raising funds for the school. The idea originated from the regular school council meetings, in which all class
councillors bring ideas/suggestions for discussion on issues that are important to pupils in the school.
After viewing the wonderful class projects, pupils and parents made their way to the school hall where the tea/cake stall was manned by Year 5 volunteers from Mrs Fieldgate's maths group. Lord Alan Sugar himself would have been impressed with the amazing selling skills of Newport pupils. At the end of the afternoon every cake had been sold! (An achievement some of those budding TV apprentices often fail to achieve in the selling challenges!) .
An amazing £133.27 was raised which is being shared between funds for the school and a school supported charity . Many thanks to all the cake suppliers and wonderful customers who supported this school event.

Friday, 16 July 2010

More super sports assembly congratulations!

Here are some more photos from our sports assembly today.
Excellence in athletics nominees Aaron and Tia.
Netball team players : Gemma, Lili and Jack.
Last but not least, some of the many boys in y5 and y6 who represented the school in football last term.


Here are some more photos of our fantastic pupils who have been nominated for their respective awards.

Jake, Joel and Kyle scooped the football awards .

Cameron, Richard and Reece were nominated as players of the year in the kwik cricket.


Today we celebrated the achievements of our pupils in our annual sports assembly.
The assembly has gradually increased in size over the years as we get involved with more and more diverse sporting activities. "It's not just about football anymore".
In fact the most popular club this last yearwas the rounders and kwik cricket club with over 60 regular participants!

The assembly , hosted by Mr Edmunds, celebrated the individual and team achievements for the Play leaders
Excellence in PE
Kwik cricket
Tag rugby
Excellence in athletics
Girls' football
Boys' football

It was pleasing to see so many children get recognition for their personal efforts, sportsmanship and achievements. We hope that these awards will inspire other pupils to take up regular sport and have fun.The highlighted categories have photos of our fantastic pupils.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


A belated thank you to all the parents who helped to get our children to the recent kwik cricket festival at Aldershot CC. in June.

It was a fun day and allowed many children to experience continuous kwik cricket against other schools for the first time.

Year 6 didn't fare so well but a series of strong performances from 5L was nearly rewarded with a final appearance. However we have to acknowledge that St Michaels were an outstanding team and deserved their success. Year 4 teams showed promise for next year.

Our Thursday cricket/rounders club has been a huge success this year and we hope that children will feel inspired to take up cricket on a regular basis. We always encourage children to play for our local club , Aldershot CC who have a very active youth programme and many junior teams.

Malcolm Kerry is the coordinator should you be interested.

National Schools' Sports Week

We managed to play a football tournament against Church Crookham on an evening when there was no World Cup football!

In all, 28 boys played in three teams against boys of similar ability and ages from Church Crookham in a mini tournament. this is our third year of competing with our friends in church Crookham. All the boys played well and in a sporting manner in the very warm weather.

Newport A performed strongly as expected however the Turner Trophy was awarded deservedly to the less experienced Church Crookham 2 team as they played with great team spirit and won two of their games.

Thank you to all the parents who transported the boys to the venue this year. We will have a similar mini tournament against St Michaels in September where the boys will have another chance to represent the school.

Newport man of the match awards went to :

Newport A : Juho
Newport B; Jack
Newport C : Jordan and Stephen W.

It was a sad day for Cameron and Kyle who played their final games in the red of Newport

Well done boys!

Perimeter in metres

Year 5 pupils have been studying perimeter and estimating lengths.

One task involved estimating the length of the perimeter of the netball pitch and then measure it accurately with a measuring tape.
Another task required measuring the perimeter of an unusual shape.

Lewis and Juho proved to have the best estimates for the netball pitch. The pictures show the children using a metre rule to help them get a realistic estimate.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Super Seed Spinners Workshop

Year 5 have been looking at the importance of seeds in the life cycle of plants.Using Newport's garden and wonderful flower packed linkway, the pupils have been able to observe nature's wonders at first hand. However this week pupils have been trying to improve on mother nature and carry out experiments to find the ideal seed spinner design.

Pupils designed their own seed spinners and tested which had the longest flight time in the air. Experiments were then carried out on the playground and coping with unexpected summer breezes proved no problem as Year 5 tried to keep the seed testing conditions under control.They quickly repeated the tests if the breeze became too strong. Groups tested different shaped spinner wings, different wing widths and length wings as well as spinners made from different materials!

The practical morning session ended with lots of interesting discussions about the spinner results and comparing our initial predictions with our final conclusions.