Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Every brick counts!

 Two teams of Newport's Year 6s  got a taster of the vast array of career opportunities available within the construction industry. Tim Seed, an electrical designer, and Jim Gibb from MUJV (Multi- Utilities Joint Venture) based at the Garrison in Aldershot spoke to the ten  school teams participating in the Building Challenge about infrastructure planning . The importance of  what to do to with the rainwater that flows down our drainpipes to avoid flooding and ensuring that a new house has all the correct links to the national gas and electric supplies was highlighted. The two engineers also described their very different career paths-one the university path, the other the vocational training route. Tim emphasised that the construction industry probably had a job for every young person what ever their qualification  Pupils also got  a taste of what it was like to wear all the safety clothing that are needed on a building site-from thick soled ,steel toe capped boots, bump cap and very fetching florescent green jacket!

Once briefed about the industry, the teams were set the tough challenge of completing a building on budget and time.Taking on a variety of roles, each member of the team of six played a vital part in ensuring the model was exactly as seen in the architect's office-an extremely very tough challenge!
Newport's teams were enthusiastic and showed brilliant team work under pressure. Sadly, Hawking team lost by just a brick and Team Newton paid a heavy price for over ordering a semi circular brick.
Mrs Fieldgate was very proud of the brilliant team work shown by every single pupil
 and how well the pupils represented Newport Junior at this event. Well done

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Smashing Saxons and Vicious Vikings!

Year 4 really enjoyed their trip to Farnham Maltings Museum as part of our Anglo-Saxon and Viking topic.

After arriving the children were able to explore a range of artefacts whilst listening to an Anglo-Saxon family and learning all about their life style. For the second part of the workshop year 4 learnt how to be a good Viking warrior, how to write like a Viking and the dedication that went into making a loaf of bread in Viking times. 

Have a look at the photos below to see what we learnt.