Tuesday, 29 September 2009

6L's class assembly - the first class assembly of the year!

In 6L's assembly this week, we told the school all about Eid, the Muslim holy festival, which marks the end of Ramadan.

We compared Christian festivals and Muslim festivals, and showed others that there are many similarities between celebrations.

Maira told us all about how her family celebrated Eid this year and we wished other Muslim families 'Eid Mubarak!' (Happy Eid!)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Shadows in the sunshine!

Year 5 have been measuring shadows.

We have collected all the data and will be making some interesting conclusions about shadows at the beginning, middle and end of the day.

Next week, we will be measuring shadows at night time. Bring a torch!

Sun worshipping

In our second week, year 5E went out to enjoy some September sunshine.
We discovered that the sun is over 4 billion years old and a very long way away. It is made up of two main gases- hydrogen and helium which generates enough heat to melt an ice cream at over 93 million miles away.

Getting Stuck In To A Book

Getting 'stuck in' to the Pig Heart Boy. Who am I?
How many books do you think I will read for the Reading Challenge? Will I get bronze, silver or gold?
Would you like to read this book? When I finish it I will write a review and you can have a copy if you can work out who I am.

A Happy Start

Our group are reading Kensuke's Kingdom. We have questions and tasks to do whilst reading the book to make sure we are actually understanding what we are reading. Ask any of us about the book - perhaps you would like to read it.

Maths is FUN!

In Maths this week, Year 4 have been investigating number patterns and properties of numbers.

To help us understand this more, we played a number game where we made 3 digit numbers.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It's not just the children learning today!

The ICT Suite was buzzing with the sound of our wonderful LSAs and some teachers improving their ICT skills! The 'class' were very well behaved and are now able to create amazing resources using the Activboards! Well done to all!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Year 3 - Maths is a game!

In Maths last week, we were lucky enough to play a number game which involved counting on and back from 20 and what fun we had! And the winners were... EVERYONE!

Year 3 - Voting Success

On Monday 21st September, Year 3 voted for 2 people from each class to join the school council.

Thanks to Miss Ewing, we experienced what it is like to vote in the real world! Although I think our ballot box was more funky! Our voting was very successful and we would like to congratulate the 4 children who will be representing Year 3 on the school council.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Culture-all Video

You may remember back in March we were part of the Launch of the Hampshire Culture-all relay. Well we are pleased to announce that a video of the relay, with our pupils being interviewed is now avaliable to view by following this link.