Saturday, 26 December 2009

Ghostly Goings On In Year 6

Year 6 have been studying Charles Causley's humorous poem Colonel Fazackerley Butterworth-Toast. We hope you enjoy this performance by some of Mrs Fieldgate's English group which was filmed using one of the super video cameras purchased with FONS funds. The Colonel has an unexpected guest during his first night at his new residence.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Blue Christmas....

The wonderful children in blue team have been working hard with sequins, glitter, glue, tissue paper, scissors, biscuits and icing today. They created a collection of gifts and tasty treats to take home (and a big mess and lots of noise in the music room!)

We made 3D Christmas trees, decorated biscuits and much more besides, all while singing and dancing to our favourite Christmas tunes!

Everyone had a great day, even enjoying the "human hoover" competition at the end to clean up the room!

Team Red Rules!

On Team Colour Day, the BEST Team - the Red Team - had a brilliant day making lots of wonderful gifts to take home. We practised our sewing skills and created beautiful decorations. We also gave Frosty a new lease of life with lots of glitter and sparkle! After lunch we designed and made cup cakes ready to take home for our tea!

We had a fabulous day - Go Team Red!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Snowmen everywhere!

To raise money for Art Club, the children at Newport have been creating snazzy snowmen. Lots of pupils took part and the winners were announced in assembly today. Well done to all who participated.

Check out some of the creative entries!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

FONs Christmas Fair

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent Christmas Fair. We are pleased to announce that we raised £637.88 which will be spent on school resources such as the Flip Video Cameras which have been purchased for every class and you will see videos of our work now appearing online!

The School Discos are on Tuesday evening (15th December)
Y3 and Y4 4.45pm-5.30pm
Y5 and Y6 5.45pm-6.30pm

Entry is £1 payable on the door!

Music Assembly

This morning the whole school enjoyed performances from a variety of different musicians. Throughout the last term everyone in Year 3 has been learning the ukulele and they had a performance for Year 4 last week. This morning we all enjoyed listening to Miss Cluett's beginners Recorder Club.

We also heard from our Choir who performed 3 Christmas themed songs .

And finally representatives from Year 4 played 4 songs on recorder.
Everyone in Year 4 has been playing the recorder this term and they have been doing a fantastic job.
Next term we look forward to hearing from Years 5 and 6!

Monday, 14 December 2009

Esme's owl poem

Esme has written the following poem basing her poem on works written by Christina Rossetti and Ted Hughes.

The owl

The owl is a killing machine,

with claws like knives.

Eyes like fire crystals.

Bite as sharp as a dagger.

As cute as it may seem,

a killing machine.

by Esme 5E

Poet's corner in year 5

In recent weeks we have studied poems by both Christina Rossetti and Ted Hughes. The children have written poems based on their knowledge of these two very famous poets. Here is an example by Kyle Bradbury Finch and Aaron Young based on a poem called Amulet by Ted Hughes.

Inside the owl's beak

The light glows.

Inside the light glows

The owl's eye.

Inside the owl's eye

A dark ink puddle.

Inside the dark ink puddle

The owl's claws.

Inside the owl's claws

The owl's bone

Inside the owl's bone

The owl's beak

This was written as a collaboration after hearing Amulet by Ted Hughes . Well done boys!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Multiplying large numbers

How to multiply large numbers - especially handy for xmas shopping!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Newport Junior School present Roald Dahl's Cinderella



Loved it!

Didn't they sing well!

Just some of the comments given by parents attending Newport's performance of Cinderella.

All the children did an amazing job. They have all been busy learning words and getting costumes made and finally, today, they showed all their hard work to parents and it was brilliant!

Cinderella, played by Rachel (Year Five), 'sang beautifully', says Ms. Ewing who coordinated the production.

The ugly sisters certainly turned a few heads. Jack and Jake from year 6 became a comedy duo, both taking on the roles of women!

Now I hope you don't still have the 'smelly feet blues' Aiden, that was a nasty shoe you had on your lap! Aiden (Year 6) played the Prince.

Rhiann from 5E spread her sparkle throughout the show.

And not forgetting the Jam Man, played by Toby (Year 6).
Well this is Roald Dahl's Cinderella! So where does the Jam Man come into all this?
The Prince turns out to be a perfect beast - with a nasty predilection for chopping off heads when crossed. But just as it seems likely that poor Cindy will, like her Ugly Sisters, come to a sticky end, the Magic Fairy hoves into sight once more and offers Cindy one final wish - to be with a normal man - a Jam Man!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Y4's and their BFG acting skills!

Over the last two weeks Year 4 have been looking at playscripts, and to help us we have been acting out scenes based on the BFG. Today we improvised a scene based on a 'future storyline' about the BFG and Sophie travelling the world. The children were only given a brief outline of a possible story, and they then had to act out a scene which they had to make up. As you can see they came up with some brilliant drama scenes. This group used actions and movements to represent the giant trying to catch some children.
Watch the video to see if they escaped back to giant country...

Friday, 4 December 2009

6J's class assembly

6J took the school on a tour around the world at Christmas time for their assembly this morning.

They showed some traditions that we are familiar with in the UK and some religious and secular traditions in other countries.

The school met Santa and his reindeers...

There was also a wonderfully decorated tree....

Sinterklaas from Holland, Santa Lucia from Sweden and the Three Wise Men were among those who made guest appearances!

Miss Jones wants to say a huge well done to all the children in 6J, who performed marvellously, despite only having a little time to rehearse. She would also like to thank Mrs Fry for her super prop-making skills!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lights, Camera Action!!!

Thanks for FONs each class in school is now the proud owner of a brand new Flip Video Camera.

We are able to use these in class to help us with our work. We can video what we are doing and play it back on the Interactive Whiteboard. The video cameras are part of our new classroom technology boxes which include digital cameras, digital microscopes and coming next some digital sounds recorders all these items help us use technology in exciting ways in our lessons.
We can also share our videos with you via our blog! - So watch out for our new video updates coming soon.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Working with iron and steel

Year 5 pupils have been learning about the industrial revolution and its impact on the Victorians as well as the impact it has on us today.

In the photo, the pupils have arranged significant changes and inventions during this period into a display.

The important question we asked (but have not answered)was:

"Which invention do you think was the most important?"

Inventing the first ceramic toilet, converting iron to steel or using steam power to create electricity?

We shall continue debating this during the week.

Friday, 27 November 2009


During Bullying Week, 6L defined what bullying is; investigating where it may take place and who could be involved. We understood quite a lot about bullying, but decided to further explore the role of those who witness bullying in the playground. How were they involved?

6L came to the conclusion that those who witness the bullying of others', have (though not by choice) become involved in the situation. If they choose to ignore the suffering of their peers, then they are just as bad as the bullies!

To demonstrate the power of a witness who helps, we created our own movie: SAM'S DILEMMA - WHAT WOULD YOU DO? In which Sam, who witnesses the bullying of Anish, must decide which course of action to take... Should he worry about himself, or help his classmate by telling an adult?

We had immense fun making our film (even though it was a little chilly!), and 6L hope that you enjoy watching it... If you were Sam: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Please be patient whilst the movie downloads!

Speedmark success for Miss Crompton

Today Josh from Speedmark came to Newport with his amazing goal which measured the velocity of your penalties.
You can imagine that this was a very competitive (and that was just the staff).

Every class had a penalty shoot out. Here we can see some photos of Year 5 pupils, Maisy and Irron taking their penalty shots and Mrs Bryant "having a go".
Winners in Year 5E were Lewis and Chelsea (pictured receiving their medals and certificates from Josh).

The aim of this event was to have some fun and raise money which the school council will decide on.

Everyone had great fun and congratulations to Miss Crompton who won the staff shoot out and is having a special birthday on Monday (a multiple of 5 and 8).

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Double defeat in mini league debut

Tonight our competitive tag rugby mini league games against Talavera and St. Joseph's ended in defeat. However, these two teams are very experienced competitors and despite losing the first game 1-6 to Talavera, Newport only narrowly lost 4-5 to a good St. Joseph's team in a very competitive second game.

Gemma, our captain led the team well, with Jake, Shona and Aaron showing positive attitude with their their fast and direct running and J McK probably the fastest player on the pitch.

It was clear that the children were improving and it was a shame that Park Primary didn't attend this mini league fixture.

This is all good practice for next week's tag rugby festival in Aldershot Park, where Gemma will lead the team once again.

Good Luck Newport!

Newport support the 'Shots

The 'Shots kindly donated free tickets for pupils and parents to attend the Aldershot versus Northampton Town league game on Tuesday evening. I'm pleased to say that despite the miserable, windy weather over 20 pupils attended the game free of charge. Thankfully the Shots won 2-1with a late double in the last ten minutes in a very forgettable game.

The pupils and I are in the process of writing a "thank you" letter to the club.

Mr Edmunds

Here is a photo of Jake, Kyle, Rhys and Lewis at half time.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Romeo and Juliet... in a day

Year 6 spent today working with students from Winchester University. In the morning we watched an animated tale of Romeo and Juliet and we then split into groups. Each group took responsibility for two or three scenes in the play.

After some warm-up drama games, we spent the morning session thinking about our scenes, taking on roles, rehearsing and making props.

After lunch, we had one whole year group rehearsal and then we performed for the rest of the school. Some of our parents came to watch as well.

We had a great day acting and it is clear that we have some stars in the making in the year group!

Well done to everyone for taking part and big thanks go to the students who worked with us.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

The beat goes on....

This Saturday Newport school played host to a South East Gifted & Talented Partnership workshop on Indian Tabla Drumming.This form of drumming has evolved over many centuries and is unrivalled in its sophistication and intricacy.

Steve Morley, a Brighton based Tabla expert, taught a group of twleve year 5 &6 Newport pupils alongside some St Lukes pupils, who had travelled up from the New Forest area.

The children played a variety of special instruments includng the Udu, Buffalo drums and the Babootree, together with the Tabla drums. Under Steve and his assistant, Kate's expert instruction, the group learnt some complicated phrases that were modified to compose several ensemble pieces.The music room was transformed into a calm, rhythm - filled oasis.

All too soon, the workshop drew to a close, finishing with a performance to parents and friends. Well done to all those who took part.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Say no to bullying

The whole school has been involved in an anti bullying programme this week.

Mrs Kempton discussed bullying with 5E in circle time today and the children were involved in role play acting. These events have occured thoughout the week across the school as part of our PHSE curriculum!


YEAR 5 pupils thought up some highly original costumes for Children in Need.
Here are Jacob, Connor and Matt - "the Bandana brothers"
The rest of the school also joined in the fun and in total we raised over £115 for children in need! Well Done Newport!

Please sir, can I have some more?

Pupils in year 5, are this week reading an abridged version of Oliver Twist.
All pupils are encouraged to read regularly, both at home and at school.
Rhiann and Piravija are the first pupils in year 5 to achieve their reading challenge targets. Rhiann and Piravija will both receive a bronze certificate and badge each to recognise their achievements.

Well done Rhiann!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Chance to shine in year 5!

This week Aldershot Cricket Club have been in coaching both year 5 (and year 4) in the "Chance to Shine" coaching programme.It was rather ironic that the sun was out on a glorious ,mild, winter afternoon .

The children practised their throwing and catching skills and then had more fun with batting practice. There were some great shots struck and no balls lost!

Newport pupils will have the opportunity to develop their skills on a regular basis at Aldershot Cricket Club in the new year.

Many pupils in the school are current members and if pupils are interested then contact Malcolm Kerry at the club.

Late score draw agony at St Peter's

Cheshire cat and dynamic Newport striker - Reece

Tonight, Newport maintained their unbeaten start in the league with a hard earned 2-2 draw against St Peter's.

St. Peter's clearly had the better opportunities in the first half ,however goalkeeper Richard was yet again outstanding and Jake , playing in defence, was as solid and reliable as ever. Despite substitions , Newport failed to impose themselves and the first half ended 0-0.

In the second half, there were further substitutions with Pete and Lewis making their full league debuts. Both boys made impressive debuts. Newport took the lead early in the second half when their goalkeeper failed to keep out a stinging shot and it trickled over the line. However Newport were soon pegged back by St Peter's to make the score 1-1.

The reds continued to play with more tempo and took the lead with a thrilling individual goal by Reece. The game seemed to be won when St Peter's scored with only 6 seconds remaining on the stop watch. Agony , but overall a fair result for both teams.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Terrific Year 6 Team Work Wins Prize

Year 6 pupils were celebrating their success in the First Partnership "Build a Bridge" competition .Following an interesting talk on bridges by David ,a civil engineer from Winchester based company, Upton McGoughan, 9 school teams were set the challenge of building a bridge from only paper and screws! Excellent communication and team coupled with a simple yet effective design resulted in Newport being awarded the Strongest Structure award.

Pupil comments:

"It was really fun,but extremely challenging.We had to work as a team using a lot of our maths and communication skills.Overall it was enjoyable and creative". -Megan

" The challenge was very exciting and needed a lot of skills to do it properly including creative ideas, team work and dedication. Winning the strongest structure prize was tough as we had a couple of structure problems at first,but we pulled through".-Ellis.

"We learnt triangles are stronger than squares," commented Holly and Ben.

Mrs Fieldgate was very proud of the team and their achievement in winning against some tough competition.

Victorian Day in Year 5

Today both classes in Year 5 have been taken back in time to the age of the industrial revolution and when schools were very different.

Both classes had to relive a Victorian lesson with a real Victorian teacher.
Not all children had an education during the Victorian period as they had to work at an early age to support their families. However, changes in the law meant that by 1870 all children under 10 had to attend school.