Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Newport Junior School present Roald Dahl's Cinderella



Loved it!

Didn't they sing well!

Just some of the comments given by parents attending Newport's performance of Cinderella.

All the children did an amazing job. They have all been busy learning words and getting costumes made and finally, today, they showed all their hard work to parents and it was brilliant!

Cinderella, played by Rachel (Year Five), 'sang beautifully', says Ms. Ewing who coordinated the production.

The ugly sisters certainly turned a few heads. Jack and Jake from year 6 became a comedy duo, both taking on the roles of women!

Now I hope you don't still have the 'smelly feet blues' Aiden, that was a nasty shoe you had on your lap! Aiden (Year 6) played the Prince.

Rhiann from 5E spread her sparkle throughout the show.

And not forgetting the Jam Man, played by Toby (Year 6).
Well this is Roald Dahl's Cinderella! So where does the Jam Man come into all this?
The Prince turns out to be a perfect beast - with a nasty predilection for chopping off heads when crossed. But just as it seems likely that poor Cindy will, like her Ugly Sisters, come to a sticky end, the Magic Fairy hoves into sight once more and offers Cindy one final wish - to be with a normal man - a Jam Man!

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Elliot said...

I Think that the whole cast (pupils) Did very well and well done to all the teachers and parents who help out as well, WELL DONE!