Wednesday, 30 May 2012

More Poetry Please

After enjoying their recent poetry unit in English, some pupils were selected to take part in a special poetry workshop led by the famous children's poet, Brian Moses. Working incredibly hard throughout the day, Markus, Courtney and Zac , under  Brian's  expert guidance, crafted some wonderful poems. Focussing on rhythm, imagination and life experiences the children produced  a range of poems which were shared with pupils from schools across the area.

 The importance of using your imagination to create exciting images was highlighted in an entertaining and amusing way. Brian gave a spellbinding rendition of his Snake Hotel poem which ended the all day workshop.
 Mrs Fieldgate purchased a signed copy of "The truth about teachers" which Zac, Markus and Courtney are going to share with rest of Year 5.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Dragon's Den building challenge

Year 5 have been enjoying the sunshine by working in the  lovely shade of the nature area.

The pupils have been challenged to work together in teams to make dens with a few materials such as a tarpaulin and ropes.  

Faheem's team used a triangular frame attached to  Y shaped main branch for support

The pupils have to select a suitable site and then collect suitable materials such as  sturdy branches  to construct their dens.

Asjk your teacher to go and have a look.

Beth's team used a main beam between two trees to support the tarpaulin to create a bigger den.

Sports mad Louie!

We always encourage our pupils to compete in sports out of school. Year 5 pupil Louie has certainly had a successful season. He's been awarded the Parents' Player of the Year at his football club, Worplesdon Rangers, which is a great achievement.

Louie is a keen spin bowler and very able cricketer and plays for Wood Street |Cricket club. On Sunday he took 3 wickets...

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Treasure Island assembly- Tuesday 29th May 9.15 am

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest......yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Well 25 pupils acting out Treasure Island actually.
Come and watch Black Dog, Billy Bones and Blind Man Pew.

Tuesday morning 9.15am
Half the class have been away at Osmington but the pupils have made a big effort to prepare for their class assembly before they departed .

Powerpoint by Lucy
Prompter : Molly S
Sound : Ryan Bud
Lead Narrator : Courtney

Rushmoor in Bloom drawings: Courtney and Kira's top tips

Here are the photos of Courtney and Kira's award winning art work .
Courtney and Kira's top tips are:
  • Follow the brief! One or two flowers are not a bouquet!
  • Talk it through in class, so that you undersatnd what the judges are looking for....
  • Fill the page as best you can with your drawing.   If you get it wrong , try again......
  • Take time to colour in your drawing, so concentrate......
  • Courtney's bouquet
    Kira's bouquet
  • Try to add colour to your background

Friday, 25 May 2012

Golfing Glory!

 In May, some children from Newport travelled to Samuel Cody in Farnborough, to represent the school at a Tri-golf festival.  The purpose of the festival was to provide children with an experience of golf, which for some was their first!
There were 6 different stations, we went through all of them twice . The first time we went round it was a practise, the second time we scored points for our school, we came 3rd out of 4 schools.
We were lucky to have the sun shining so we could enjoyably learn how to putt and chip. It was a great evening and we thoroughly apprieciated it.

By Kaitlyn and Holly 4N

Den making challenge

Year 5 have been making dens in the wildlife area after researching "how to make dens" on the internet.
Team Bethany

There are some key engineering principles and teamwork challenges to be learnt in this activity as well as having a lot of fun!

Team Faheem

Team captains
The team captains: Rupesh, Bethany and Faheem have reflected well on their activities this week and the teamwork has gradually improved. 

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Macdonald's terrific teamwork

Logan, not Ronald that is!

Logan, with a little help from other pupils , designed and set out a  challenging obstacle course in the hall for his fellow pupils to tackle.

Nathan stops for a pose

Logan and his magic circle

The pupils had a great time working together to  get around the obstacle course.Obviously there were forfeits for misdemeanours.......... 

This is a bit tricky to negotiate......

Markus , Hope and olivia help blindfolded teammate Brandon negotiate another hurdle

There were great examples of teamwork in all the teams. Too many to mention.

Ryan, Olivia  and Markus received the most commendations for great teamwork......well done everyone!

Spirals in sculptures

Year 5 pupils have been working hard in their sculpture art lessons.
Aimee's work

After studying a variety of sculptors who use natural materials, they have been creating their own.

Chloe's work

Charlie's work
These works couldn't be saved but we do have photographs to show parents next week.

Five Star Bug Hotels

Pupils in year 5 have been creating five star bug hotels in the wildlife area. 

Best "Stick man" : Yemi

We used pallet boards kindly donated by Squires of Badshot Lea to create  suitable habitats for insects. By using l;ots of twigs and sticks and tother natural materials we have created habitats to encourage insects. Yemi and Jasmine stood out as excellent twig collecters and great team members.
Harais assesses the quality of a stick...........

We researched insect life cycles  and bug hotels using the excellent website and a variety of other websites and then split into three groups to create our own.

Team Rupesh...........and bug hotel

The team leaders were Rupesh, Faheem and Bethany. 


Shingle and sand

Chippings, shingle and sand. 
We're using these natural materials to create some art work of our own.
Inspired by the work of a number of sculptors such as Robert Smithson we have created our own miniature scultpures.
Hard work in the very hot weather but the children are showing determination and inspiring ideas in creating their art work. 

The photos of their art will be available to see next week.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Year 5 Rushmoor in Bloom Picture Winners Announced 2012

I'm delighted to report that 2 pupils In Year 5  have scooped 2nd and 3rd places in the competition. The brief was to create a bouquet for the Queen. (ER rather than ooh aar!))

Second place went to Courtney Morgan and Third Place to KIra Newport.
Well done girls!

The winners are invited to attend a presentation at Rushmoor Chambers at Rushmoor Borough Council Offices at 5pm on Wednesday, May 23rd.THIS WEEK!

Sorry for the short notice!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Shiver me timbers....we're mad and we're bad!

Aimee , Scott and Markus negotiate a few awkwardly placed bollards on "the bench of death"

Here are a few more pirate photos ...James managed to find the location of the treasure in maths and Sian , Ryan "Bud" and Aleisha showed inspiring and excellent  teamwork skills on our assault course.

It's a tight squeeze for Sian's hands help her through!

Kiera's arm, James and Anjesh in action on the high horse....

Other great performers teams were: 
Molly S, Ellie and Ryan;  
Roxanna, Molly R and Steven
Kiera P, Anjesh and James.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...

Here are a few more photos from our very exciting Pirate Day... 
All the crew had a great time learning about buccaneers and pirates. 
Katie the Cutlass........

We managed to cover a wide range of topics such as Maths and English,  as well as drama, PHSE, general knowledge and PE topped off with singing, while having a jolly good time.

Aleisha, Bethany and Brandon get ready to walk the plank
The response and enthusiasm was absolutely fantastic and Monsieur le Templier received a black spot ......for being French!
Lots of pirates were nominated for our Olympic Values such as friendship and determination while they worked in small groups to tackle their challenges.

I've no doubt that we will have another Pirate Day next year ship mates!
Finally, A big "Thank You" to all the parents.... the costunmes were superb with some very innovative ideas.

Ahoy shipmates! Newport Pirate Day!

Be warned  pirates are coming your way.....
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum....

15 men on a dead man's chest.......

Crew 5E have a class assembly on Tuesday May 29th. and we have Pirate Day today, Ooh aar!
Beware of the black spot shipmates.......

Who will be the best dressed pirate we wonder? 
Who will walk the plank?
Who can work out the coordiantes of Spyglass Hill and the whereabouts of the treasure?
How much do you really know about pirates and buccaneers?

Mad Man Fynn

The Final Countdown!

As I'm sure you all know, the girls football team have achieved the outstanding accolade of reaching the Hampshire Cup Final.  Our opposition, Orchard Junior School are an established team and will provide a stern test for our girls, but nothing will take away form their commitment and hard work this year.

On their way to the final, the girls have seen off opposition from all over Hampshire and fully deserve their place in the final.  A date is still to be organised, but after initial contact with Orchard's manager, we are currently in the process of arranging a neutral venue for the game.  Our targets are Winchester City FC, Eastleigh FC and Southampton FC's training ground.  We hope to have a date soon, hopefully at a venue to match the marvellous achievements of this group of players.

Thanks to all of the parents who have supported the girls throughout their time at the school, including the wind and driving rain at Elvetham this year!

A date to follow...

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hockey Tournament

On wednesday, year 6 children, from both classes, took part in the final hockey tournament at Aldershot and Farnham Hockey Club. Despite the rain and slippery astro turf, the children remained positive about their matches. They all played in different positions and dominated all of their matches. However, not one of their goals (especially Joanna's ten shots at goal) would go in! Unfortunately, the oposition sneeked a goal in within the final two minutes of each match. Newport ended up loosing 3 matches and drew 1. They all played really well and our luck was just not with us on the day. Thank to all the parents who came and supported the children in the cold, wet weather. Well done to Joanna Seaman, Brook Colton, Edward Hamill, Ashma Gurung, Ryan Clark, Maisie Renton, Rohil Thakali and Bethany Clarke.

Miss Cooke

Friday, 11 May 2012

All go on the gardening front

Now that we've finally had a sunny day, the Gardening Club have managed to do some actual gardening!
Lucy - busy hoeing

Zac and Kira planting up lavender plants which we grew from seed last year.
We've managed to finish emptying the soil on to our new wildlife area and we've been busy weeding so that we can plant some seeds and plants next week. 
Fingers crossed!

Chance to catch 2012

Year 5 had another training session at kwik cricket with Aldershot CC coach Roger Smith, who is brilliant.
Today we were practising catching and then consolidated our new skills with a quick game of cricket. Great fun!   
Beth and  Ryan B were elected as captains. Ryan surprised himself....he bowled well and discovered that he can hit the bqll a long way. 
Well done Ryan !
First to get the ball, Kai or Jamey? Jamey!

First to get the ball, Ryan "Bud" or Kira? Kira!

Markus in catching action

Thursday, 10 May 2012

How do waves affect our coastline?

Year 5 have been using our  laptops to research our topic about the coastline.  
It's a good  way to try and understand about waves,especially  when we have to answer a question like:

"How  do waves affect the  physical features of our coastline?"

We have watched some film clips  to try and understand how much an impact waves can have on our coastline and had a discussion about what we have's amazing what the children can find. George and James have been given extra responsibities as our main researchers, with everyone else chipping in with ideas.
If you'd like to have a look, try bbc learning clips on the internet and try clips 9966 and 8430......

The cracked clock maths poser.......

Robot man is ok
Disaster struck in our year 5 maths starter, when our school clock cracked into two.....
The numbers on the each of the pieces added up to the same total.
Can you work out how the clock cracked?
Bethany and Courtney show the class work out how the clock could crack....

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pirates on parade..........

Year 5 pupils have begun to read  the classic book Treasure Island.

We will be holding a Newport Pirate Day a week on Friday, 18th May .
All children are invited to come to school as pirates and walk the plank.........

Who will get the dreaded black spot?