Wednesday, 2 May 2012

We're potty......

.........................about poetry.

Our pupils in Year 5 have been busy collaborating and generating ideas for our  sea poetry.
Here is an example of work written by Markus and Aimee:

The sun sets like a fading candle,
Sinking into the horizon.
Shimmering like a diamond in the gentle sea breezes.
All calm and tranquil.

The sun sets like a fading candle,
Leaving a golden pathway over the gentle sea.
Orange glow,
A magnificent sight to see.

The sun sets like a fading candle.
The sea was as calm as a baby sleeping.
Footprints disappear in the sand,
Whilst the sun smiles at me.
Markus , Year 5

We will be nominating talented pupils to attend a poetry writing day soon, it's going to be a difficult task .......

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