Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sitting Volleyball

This morning 6C (apart from those who were at the Connaught transition) took part in sitting, in most cases kneeling, volleyball. The children have really thought about the Paralympics this week, demonstrating how hard it is when you are unable to use your legs, sight and hearing whilst still taking part in sport. 6C loved it so much they would like to do this sportng activity more often. Below are some pictures, showing the fun that they had:

Blooming great

Lois, Lucy and Mayghan in Year 6 and Ryan, Joe, Alice and Kira have been showing the Rushmoor in Bloom judges around the school grounds. All the pupils are members of the gardening club.
We're hopeful that we will win a prize in the annual competition , despite the weather playing havoc with our bedding plants this year.
we've created  new bug hotels and a new wildlife area to attract insects and birds.

Newport nearly in bloom

Kira,Alice,Mayghan,Lois, Lucy, Ryan and Joe
Gardening Club have been busy showing the judges for Rushmoor in Bloom around. No adults were involved as they guided our guests  around showing the judges what we have achieved.

Cricket treat as Newport has a chance to shine with Brett Lee and Freddie Flintoff

Roger and Malcolm from Aldershot CC gave the whole school an assembly on the Chance to Shine values as part of our National Schools Week.
We know that we have to respect all our opponents and play hard and play fair.
In a cricket competition between two teams Mr Edmunds and Mr Nicholls were absolute rubbish whilst the talented Mrs Shuttleworth and the half French Mr le Templier showed them how to do it and knocked over the wickets easily when bowling.
Lots of the pupils won prizes for their great answers and enthusiasm.
Aldershot CC will return in the autumn to coach our pupils.

High fives in olympic week.

Year 5 have been busy celebrating National Schools Sports Week.

Our theme has obviously been the Olympics and we have been learning about the olympic values.
We have also been playing a few different sports.
Boccia was really well received and popular .Nathan and George were clearly talented bowlers.
We have had a go at playing volleyball with a lower net.We'd all agree that  it's not as easy as it looks!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Brilliant game of Boccia.

As part of Olympic week, 5E got the opportunity to practise the paralympic sport of Boccia (pronounced Bot-cha). Athletes throw or use a ramp to propel a ball onto the court with the aim of getting closest to the "jack" ball. Team GB won a gold medal for this paralympic sport in Beiing in 2008. It is a game that requires great skill and concentration as seen from the photographs taken throughout the class competition.

Pupils sat on chairs to experience what it is like for the wheelchair olympians. Bethany devised the "Cuthbertson" throw which involved using your non writing hand to guide the ball nearer to the jack. Mrs Fieldgate and Mr Edmunds were impressed with how the children  embraced the Olympic values we have been focussing on during the term.  Nathan and George deserve a special mention as they proved themselves to be very talented players of the game. Each Boccia game proved to be very exciting and the competition between the teams extremely fierce as can be seen when it came to measuring how far the balls were away from the jack. 5E wish Team GB Boccia paralympians all the very best for the London 2012 games.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Fun and games with maths.

While we are all waiting for summer sunshine to arrive, a group of Year 4 pupils travelled to Tower Hill Primary to participate in an exciting  Rushmoreable maths challenge.The children were given a great variety of  challenges which involved applying their knowledge of shape to calculate the internal angles of polygons using tessellation ,  their angle expertise to crack open a safe and probably the most amusing challenge of  all-working out how a single piece of A4 paper can be passed over a person's body using only a pair of scissors. Why not have a go at this yourself on one of our rainy "summer"afternoons? The pictures below show it can be done! Well done to Scott and James (who were the first to find a solution to the paper problem) Katelyn, Christian, Stanley and Cassandra who demonstrated many of the Olympic values we have been focussing on in school .

Friday, 1 June 2012

"Goodbye" Miss Crompton

As we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Anniversary , the very popular and lovely Miss Crompton returned to say her goodbyes.

 Unsurprisingly, there was a huge demand to have photos taken with the her.
Ryan presented Miss Crompton with a bouquet of flowers for his favourite teacher ever!

We will all miss her and wish Miss Crompton well


Cycle training - get on your bike! Deadline advice.

Year 5 pupils have the opportunity to have free cycle training next term.

The deadline is June 12th ( first Tuesday back ) to return the forms so please make a big effort to return the forms as training starts on 21st  June.

There will be 4 sessions on 21st June, 28 June,5 July and 12 July.
The  pupil feedback is always positive every year and it would be a shame to miss out on this marvellous opportunity.

Full details are on the form.
When training begins  it would be advisable to buy a bike lock, if you do not currently  possess one to secure your bike in school.
We will discuss this in school.

Elvis has entered the building....

Year 5 ventured back four decades today and dressed up in seventies gear and said "Cosmic" and "  Hey man" a lot as we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a  lunch time picnic in Belle Vue.

Year 5 showing off their  multiples of 2

Elvis turned up along with some punks and a variety of hip young men wearing dodgy moustaches and big shades.

Zac and Markus start of the maths lesson........

Year 4 rock the 1980's look!

On Friday 1st June we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by dressing in the fashion of the 1980's (even the teachers dressed up)!  Not only did we look fabulous as punks, pop stars or wearing legwarmers, we also learnt about the 1980's and created some brilliant artwork.  Across the Year group we have produced some amazing graffiti art work which was extremely popular in the 80's, we 'tagged' our names on bookmarks and made a 'piece' which is a masterpiece of graffiti artwork! 

And lets not forget the brilliant picnic that we all took part in at Belle Vue, thank you parents for attending it was a fantastic lunchtime!