Friday, 7 February 2014

Dancing in the rain.

This week some of Newport's extremely talented dancers from Years 3-5 travelled to Farnborough with Mrs Fieldgate  to participate in an exciting dance workshop organised by the Rushmoreable cluster. After a  thorough warm up,  pupils were put through their paces by Clare Barratt , a lead teacher in dance at Cherrywood Primary, who introduced the children to the phenomenon  of flash mob dance.

 Based around a modern re mix of the classic " Singing in the rain", pupils were taught a challenging dance routine using a  rainbow coloured umbrella as a prop. Working with pupils from four other cluster schools, Clare set the tough challenge for the pupils to choreograph and perform the rest of the routine as an ensemble.
Everyone communicated their ideas to the other members of their dance teams and throughout the frantic rehearsals everybody  worked brilliantly to involve every single member of the team. "I loved the workshop so much I didn't want it to end", commented Joseph Lucking.

The final dance routines were amazing and here is just a snippet of video of the earliest stages of the workshop-the full version of the final performance will be upload within the next week. 
Well done to Maisy, Joseph, Phoebe, Maddie and Charlotte who definitely have the potential to be dancing stars of the future. Flavia and Anton , Strictly Come Dancing stars,better watch out.....