Monday, 30 April 2012

Where are we?

Year 5 pupils have begun studying their Summer topic  "It's a Cliffhanger!"

Alice and Katie May studying  the OS map

Last week , we used maps to find out where we actually live in relation to the coastline and  studied our actual coastlines using Google software.

Exercise for health aka The house of pain 2012

Year 5 pupils are having a great time doing cardio-vascular exercises in PE . Affectionately known as "The house of pain"  the children are performing timed exercises.
They are recording their performances to use in a spreadsheet format in ICT lessons.

Markus and Louie have a knees up
Bradley and James  try to step up.

The sea was an angry dog

The sky was dark,
As black as coal.

The sea was angry,
Like a hungry dog.

Growling and spitting,
Wailing and howling.

The sea was an angry dog

This is an example of a collaborative piece of poetry we composed in school today.
Year 5 children are studying and composing their own poems based on the sea.
We'll be covering sea shanties at the end of the week.


As the weather is improving and spring is nearly here, the eco-school council members have been busy with Mr Edmunds "sorting out" our woodland nature area.
The master plan for this year is to create a woodland walk. Our first part of the plan is to thin out the smaller, thinner  trees and saplings so that it allows more light into the area.

Busy bees

School members of the Ecocouncil and Gardening club have started work on the wildlife areas in school.
We are currently preparing a small, sunny but unused plot of land, next to the bottom playground to plant  some native wild plants and seeds.
Other pupils have been helping develop our newly created "woodland walkway" in the wooded nature area. We hope to collect a wide range of natural items to create a bug house.
Our gardening club is open to memebrs in years 5 and 6 but spaces are limited.
Keep an eye out for further info in school.

All change for play leaders

Year 6 bow out this week as Play Leaders and Year 5 pupils enthusiastically begin to take over their duties in the playground.

Unfortunately, the weather "hasn't played ball" (that's an intentional pun) this week so the pupils can't wait to take on their responsibilites .
here is a photo of new Play Leader:  Joe

Top rugby award for a Newport pupil

Year 5 pupil, Aiden proudly shows off his Players' Player of the Year Award from Aldershot and Fleet RFC.
This is a remarkable achievement as Aiden has only begun playing tag rugby in school this academic year.
He has represented Newport in the Autumn and Spring tournaments and likes to play on the wing.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Scramble for scrabble

Year 5 have discovered Scrabble.
An old game but a  novelty for many of the pupils.
We have been busy playing scrabble this term to help develop our vocabulary and to inject some fun into our word work activities.
Some pupils have grasped the game really quickly and have been keen to get their double word and triple word scores using their Z and X letters.