Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Roll up ,roll up..... all the fun of the fair!

With Christmas just around the corner, Year six are sadly coming to the end of their fairground design and technology topic. Knowing this, Connaught School kindly invited Newport pupils to participate in a fairground themed activity morning.

Drilling, sanding and measuring skills were much in evidence as the pupils constructed a mini coconut shy in the well equipped technology suite.Professional publishing software was used to design the stall banner. Experts, in the form of ex Newport pupils, from Years 7 -9  were very helpful and welcoming.
The busy morning ended with a PE lesson, again with a fun fair theme. A roundabout of activities saw the pupils showcasing their throwing,running and jumping skills in timed events in the spacious sports hall. Overall, the highest scoring  teams were Leran & Christina from 6M and the amazing Josh W from 6C.
Many thanks go to all the Connaught staff especially Mrs Land and Mr Goss and all our former pupils. We hope our Year 6 families will have lots of fun with their fairground models during the forthcoming holidays.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Marvellous map work!

In Year 4, we have been learning about Nepal.  As well as learning about the culture and religious festivals of Nepal, the children have designed and made a map of Nepal.  Firstly, they cut up some wood and stuck this together to make a frame for their maps. After this, the children designed their maps by drawing the outline of Nepal and adding on different places of interest.  Finally, the children used paper mache and mod-roc to make their maps 3D and then painted them using poster paint. 

The children enjoyed making their maps and they also learned a valuable lesson in how to clear up a magnificent mess!