Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Year 4 had a brilliant time on Tuesday when Gremlin dance came in to do a taster session. Everyone was involved in creating their own dances with a sports theme as it is National Sports Week.

We came up with our own rountine of sports movements for others to guess which one they were.

We all had a great time!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Newport in bloom

On Wednesday we had a visit from the Rushmoor In Bloom judges.
Jack, Troy, Issy, Ben , Charlotte and Megan guided the guests around the grounds explaining what we had achieved this year. They have worked hard under the supervision of Mr Edmunds and Mr Kellett.

We had a favourable response and hope to win a prize again this year.

Outdoor lessons for a limited period only.

Year 5 pupils have taken advantage of the hot , balmy weather to have had their English lessons under our shady tree in the playground.

We have been analysing adverts for persuasive language and phrases.

We intend to use some persuasive language in our own leaflet writing task later this week.


Last Friday years 4, 5 and 6 attended the Asda Kwik cricket tournament at Aldershot Cricket Club.The weather was warm and sunny and all the children had a really great time.

5L were the star performers winning 3 out of their 4 games and losing to the eventual winners St Michael's, an excellent team and worthy winners.

Richard and Harry, who play at Aldershot CC were the star performers ably supported by all the other children in 5L.

Can we thank all the parents who came and supported and assisted with walking to the venue.
If your child is interested in playing cricket Aldershot CC have a very active coaching programme for under 11's and other ages. Contact Malcolm Kerry at the club.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Inspiring Futures

Year 6 Newport pupils spent an interesting afternoon at the Princes Hall attending the Rushmoor Business Partnership meeting. The idea behind this project is to give pupils an idea of the careers and training opportunities that are available in the world of work.

Business ambassadors were on hand to give everybody an idea of what their career involved.

Year 6 enjoyed getting to grips with mindstorm robots and had a go at programming them to tackle an assault course.

The skills needed in the hospitality industry were highlighted in the table laying challnge run by the Aviator Hotel,Farnborough .The attention to detail shown by some of the Newport boys was very impressive!

Aldershot News talked about the need to get the right balance of good and bad news stories as well as keeping the front page eye catching and informative!

Budding barristers actually had the chance to sentence imaginarycriminals based on the "on screen" evidence. The electronic voting pads meant the jury verdicts were instanteous displayed and revealed differences in opinion as to the severity of the charges.The students from Surrey University Law College gave a fascinating insight into some of the intriguing and complex aspects of our legal system.

Further education opportunities were explored with Sparshot College, who bought in some interesting animal parasites for everyone to examine and understand the importance of animal science. Squires garden centre carried on the outdoor career path and talked about the importance of spotting trends in popularity of different plants. Farnborough Sixth form students gave insight into the education opportunities post 16 and the importance of team work.

Following this week's budget announcements, pupils were given the challenge of budget planning for Rushmoor Council. £4 million seems a lot of money, but meeting the needs of different people proved a bit of a headache- it is hard to please all the people all of the time.

The afternoon certainly gave everyone a small glimpse of all the different opportunities that are on offer and it is hoped that it may inspire some of Newport's Year 6 to think about careers in some of the areas of work showcased at the meeting.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Year 6 visit to the Imperial War Museum.

Year 6 are really enjoying this Summer term's topic-Your country needs you!-learning all about World War II. So to help everyone to get a real feel of what it was like to have lived through the war the children set off to London to visit the Imperial War Museum.

During the visit to the children's war exhibition, Newport pupils were fortunate to be able interview ( using our digital microphones) an evacuee from London's East End who was billeted with a very elderly couple in Kent who ran a sweet shop. He said that he really missed his family, but the couple were very kind to him although he wasn't given lots of sweets from the shop.

Walking through the ground floor gallery, Newport pupils came face to face with a V2 doodle bug that caused so much damage to the homes in many towns and cities. You may have seen the recent series, Blitz Street, that recreated an ordinary terraced street and showed in graphic detail what dreadful damage these V2s inflicted on the British population.

The Ministry of Food exhibition on the second floor of the musuem gave everyone inspiration for the Year 6 home learning task on cooking a war time recipe, using only rations available in war time Britain. We were all glad that neetle soup has disappeared from our tea time treats! We all enjoyed watching the Ministry of Food archive film footage showing the need to eat more potatoes and less bread. Everyone came away realising how lucky we are today to have so such a variety of food to eat. Newport pupils also met some lovely elderly ladies, who were also visiting for the day, and chatted about their war time memories that included eating at their staff canteen so they didn't have to use up their valuable ration tokens!

All too soon we had to board the coach back to school however the trip back provided plenty of opportunity to practise all the wartime songs that will be heard in the Year 6 production at the end of term.

A very big thank to Miss Jones who organised this amazing day that really bought our learning to life.

Does your heart rate increase more after star jumps or squat thrusts?

This was the question posed to the pupils in this week's maths lessons.

The children have been collaborating to collect data about their heart rates in bpm (beats per minute) after some serious exercising. They have then worked in pairs to solve the conundrum.

It's been interesting to watch the children deal with a large set of data. It involves more than just using our maths skills!

Our lesson objective is to answer the question. Our aim is to find the range, mode, median and mean average of the data and then to draw a conclusion.

At the start of the data handling exercise the predictions were as follows:

6 pupils thought star jumps, 20 thought squat thrusts would increase your heart beat more.

The children were asked to use the results to answer the question and state whether their prediction was true or not.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Come on England!

5E pupils are the best England supporters in the school.

We already have a World Cup in our class, courtesy of Juho's mum.

Here are our predictions for tomorrow's game:

Juho says England will win 2-0

Lewis predicts a 3-1 victory

Reece predicts a 1-0 smash and grab for England

Jack predicts an easy 4-1 victory.