Thursday, 17 June 2010

Does your heart rate increase more after star jumps or squat thrusts?

This was the question posed to the pupils in this week's maths lessons.

The children have been collaborating to collect data about their heart rates in bpm (beats per minute) after some serious exercising. They have then worked in pairs to solve the conundrum.

It's been interesting to watch the children deal with a large set of data. It involves more than just using our maths skills!

Our lesson objective is to answer the question. Our aim is to find the range, mode, median and mean average of the data and then to draw a conclusion.

At the start of the data handling exercise the predictions were as follows:

6 pupils thought star jumps, 20 thought squat thrusts would increase your heart beat more.

The children were asked to use the results to answer the question and state whether their prediction was true or not.

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