Thursday, 17 June 2010

Year 6 visit to the Imperial War Museum.

Year 6 are really enjoying this Summer term's topic-Your country needs you!-learning all about World War II. So to help everyone to get a real feel of what it was like to have lived through the war the children set off to London to visit the Imperial War Museum.

During the visit to the children's war exhibition, Newport pupils were fortunate to be able interview ( using our digital microphones) an evacuee from London's East End who was billeted with a very elderly couple in Kent who ran a sweet shop. He said that he really missed his family, but the couple were very kind to him although he wasn't given lots of sweets from the shop.

Walking through the ground floor gallery, Newport pupils came face to face with a V2 doodle bug that caused so much damage to the homes in many towns and cities. You may have seen the recent series, Blitz Street, that recreated an ordinary terraced street and showed in graphic detail what dreadful damage these V2s inflicted on the British population.

The Ministry of Food exhibition on the second floor of the musuem gave everyone inspiration for the Year 6 home learning task on cooking a war time recipe, using only rations available in war time Britain. We were all glad that neetle soup has disappeared from our tea time treats! We all enjoyed watching the Ministry of Food archive film footage showing the need to eat more potatoes and less bread. Everyone came away realising how lucky we are today to have so such a variety of food to eat. Newport pupils also met some lovely elderly ladies, who were also visiting for the day, and chatted about their war time memories that included eating at their staff canteen so they didn't have to use up their valuable ration tokens!

All too soon we had to board the coach back to school however the trip back provided plenty of opportunity to practise all the wartime songs that will be heard in the Year 6 production at the end of term.

A very big thank to Miss Jones who organised this amazing day that really bought our learning to life.

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