Friday, 18 February 2011

Year 3 Holi Day!

Year 3 have been celebrating Holi, the Hindu feastival of colour.

We have been doing lots of activities all to do with colour and Holi.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Tag rugby good news!

Tag rugby club will finish this half term on Friday 18th February.

I'm sorry that there was some confusion over the dates.
I will commence gardening club, every Friday on my return after paternity leave.

However, the good news is that I have arranged free coaching sessions from London Irish RFC every Friday afternoon in games lessons next term.

I hope you can show me some new tricks and training routines when I return...... Mr Edmunds

Top at Talavera!

Newport beat our nearest rivalsTalavera 4-0 to take the Rushmoor 1 league title.
The reds had a full squad as Lewis Lucozade returned to midfield and James was determined to play despite having a viral infection. The boys had to work hard against a very good Talavera team, who were missing their star striker . Chances were few and far between in the inital stages but a slick pass from Rhys to Reece to the other Reece opened up the scores to make it 1-0.

The second half saw a few chances created immediately after the break, before a thumping strike from Reece after a pass from the other Reece made it 2-0 ! Are you keeping up with this?
Anyway, the other Reece chased up his low shot to make it 3-0, after the goalie fumbled the ball. Finally, the other Reece again added his third to make it 4-0.
Matthew nearly made it 5-0 near the end, after a great pass from Reece (the other one). However the boys played really well as a team with Juho again, cool as a cucumber at the back and James again tackling so well.

The boys can feel very proud of their achievements.
They all played really well today.
We now wait to see who wins the Rushmoor 2 league.
Thanks to all our MaD's who came along to support once again.
Get out the Turkish Delight!

Strictly Come Tudor Dancing...And the winners are....

All the pupils performed admirably yesterday afternoon in front of their parents.

There had been a lot of practising in the week beforehand where intricate steps and synchronised movements were rehearsed time and again in preparation for the competition. There was good evidence of team work and discussion as the teams prepared for the dancing competition.

In the dance off itself there could only be one winner and Miss Cooke and Mr Edmunds decided that George, Dominic, Caitlin and Lois were the ultimate winners with their well choreographed dance involving a wide selection of intricate steps and Tudor dance moves.

Well done!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Corinthian Greek Vases by 6LE

Corinthian Greek vases and Clay masks by 6LE

We used party balloons, papier mache and chicken wire to sculpt a vase shape.

D&T Towers

With the Olympics rapidly approaching, some pupils inYear 5 were set the challenge of constructing a tower on which to mount the Olympic flame. This event was held at St Bernadettes in Cove as part of the Rushmoor's able child challenges. However even Sir Norman Foster, architect of London's famous Gherkin building, would have had to think carefully about this structure because instead of steel , concrete or wood the only construction materials were uncooked spaghetti and a bag of marshmallows!

Working in mixed school teams, the pupils took inspiration from other famous buildings such as the Eiffel Tower , the Parthenon and the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and soon transformed their sketches on paper into a range of towers of varying designs and stability.

James commented "We were judged on tower height, strength and build quality. We also learnt a new word "aesthetics" which is how attractive / good looking a building or object may be". Ryan enjoyed working with different schools, making friends and having fun. Luke noted that team work was vital on such projects -you achieve much more when working and collaborating with others.

All the teams did a marvellous job although some of the towers were a little stronger than others. James' team came a close second to the winning structure.

Perhaps during half term you could take up this challenge yourself. (If you can resist the temptation to eat the marshmallows).

Friday, 11 February 2011

Mayhem at Mayhill

Newport were deservedly beaten 1-3 tonight in the preliminary round of the Standing Cup by Mayhill.
After creating many chances in the first half and only scoring a single goal the boys conceded soon after half time and lost their composure. They failed to pass and conceded two more goals as the half proceeded. Richard admittedly was shivering in goal as he felt unwell and Lewis was again absent on Lucozade duty.
The boys simply didn't have the right attitude and despite creating lots of chances they lost to a better organised team. Well done Mayhill.

Midsummer night's dream.

Year five pupils have been thoroughly enjoying their tudor topic work this term. Some pupils have been studying Shakespeare's comedy, Midsummer night's dream, in their guided reading sessions with Mrs Fieldgate. However Shakespeare was an actor/playwright who wanted his work to be seen not just studied, so with that in mind, a booking was made to see Shakespeare4kids production at Camberley theatre.

Studying the programme to find out more about the actors.

With Valentine's day fast approaching, this play underlines that the course of true love is a never smooth one especially if the fairy world becomes involved. Mischievious Puck, played by the outstanding Noel Harron, not only cast his spell on Lysander, Demetrius and the unfortunate Nick Bottom but the whole audience. Wonderful songs were interwoven with Shakespeare's script and a good dose of physical comedy/slapstick made for a superb performance.

Year 5 have been raiding the library for more works by one of our greatest playwrights including Twelfth Night and Henry V. Year 6 will not be missing out as they will be starting their Macbeth unit next week which gives plenty of opportunities for Newport pupils to put their acting / writing skills to good use.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Reeling in the years

Year 5E and 5C have been busy reeling and swaying in time to Tudor music as they make up their own Tudor dances in preparation for next Wednesday's Tudor Come Dancing .

Parents are invited to come along and watch the children next week.

Boom and bust at Manor

Newport girls played a double header against Grange and Manor this evening.
The girls were clealry rusty in their first game against an unexperienced Grange team despite being refereed brilliantly by a referee who let the game flow........
They eventually managed to score in the second half after a number of scuffed shots and fluffed chances. Despite a lot of huffing and puffing they couldn't add to the single goal to finish as 1-0 victors.

The game against Manor was a much more thrilling affair with an exploding football !
The girls were much more determined against Manor but allowed Manor to take the lead with the softest goal imaginable. As Rachel got stuck in alongside Meila in midfield, they created a few chances and managed to scramble a goal just before half time only for it to be disallowed for an earlier foul on the goalie. A great shame.
However the girls were undeterred and in the second half pushed forward against a tired Manor team. Shannon D had a great shot saved. Despite their best efforts, the girls couldn't snatch an equaliser and lost 0-1.
Our unanimous "man of the match" award went to Emily who had never ever played for the team before! Well done Emily you were absolutely brilliant!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Thank you for the donations of tights. You can see that they have been put to good use in our science work in Y3! Just how far can they stretch?
We found that some of them could be stretched to over 1.5m high!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Gremlin Dancing on our Bottoms

Hannah from Gremlin Dance gave a fantastic dance lesson assembly to the pupils today.

As Mr May and Mr Edmunds looked on in dismay, the pupils managed to sway and move their arms to the music to create a dance within ten minutes whilst sitting on their bottoms!

Mayghan from year 5E , already a dance club regular, said it was "Good fun and amazing! Just like dance club on a Friday"

We hope more pupils will be inspired come to our Gremlin Dance club, after school ,every Friday.

Forms are available from Mrs Campbell in the office.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Hampton Court

Year 5 had a fabulous day trip to Hampton Court this week.

The feedback was excellent and nearly all the pupils want to return again with their parents. ( Parents:You have been warned!)

Indeed the enthusiasm for history is fantastic and we will continue to study Elizabeth I this term.

All the pupils were assigned to groups and were allowed to explore the palace.
The kitchens were a great success with Robert and Mark entertaining us,whilst Henry's main hall was very popular too, with lots of information to take in.

It was a real shame we could not stay longer.

Judo-tastic Tuesdays.

Judo has finally taken off at Newport this term and three Year 5E pupils have signed up.

Don't mess with this bunch of pyjama wearing martial arts experts or you'll end up on the carpet.....Edward , Shemikah and Caitlin have all decided to give judo a try this term.
Well done!

Hampshire Cup quarter final draw

It's Liphook!

Hopefully we will play on Friday, March 4th .,

I am awaiting confirmation.

Mr Edmunds

UNICEF Day For (Climate) Change 2011

We are the world...

Throughout the school today we have been learning how changes to our world's climate is affecting the rights of children around the world and especially in the South American country of Guyana.

In Guyana, the children suffer when annual flooding stops them from attending school, having access to clean water and washes away their homes. Later in the year, the same children suffer through periods of extreme heat when the rivers dry up and water becomes scarce.

In Year Six, the children explored the affects of climate change through mixed-media sculpture. Class 6L made an incredible model of Guyana using only sugar and rice - the main exports of this country. In 6LE, the children created weaving depicting the way in which Guyana's landscape is changed during the flooding and drought seasons.

We have all learnt so much today - we CAN all make a difference. Climate change is everybody's responsibility so:


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Two down but two nil!

Newport had to dig deep today to beat a tough St Peters team 2-0 whilst Reece and Lewis were recuperating on Lucozade and grapes at home. What a time to get ill boys!

The boys had to defend really well whilst Reece kept both their defenders occupied up front with his strong play.
A narrow pitch really suited the long St Peters throw ins as they bombarded our goal. Newport, marshalled by Juho in defence and assisted by James kept the yellows at bay whilst Richard, as usual, was confident in claiming all the crosses .

Suddenly, Newport attacked and Reece broke free of their defence to be pulled down as he raced down on goal but no penalty was awarded. The free kick came to nothing.
However minutes later he again raced through the defence to calmly slot home the opener. Almost immediately the reds forced their way up the right with some slick passing and Cameron slotted home to make it 2-0! Great goal .St Peters could hardly believe it!

The second half proved to be a constant wave of yellow attacks . Again, Richard kept calm and stopped and caught everything that came his way. Despite some close shaves, the reds held on, the yellows could not score and the final whistle blew to cap a very determined performance. This was a tough, tough game indeed and the boys had chased everything to earn a win by defending for their lives. Matt and Luke were disappointed not get on today but this was a huge scrap that we had to had to win and we did. We still remain unbeaten in the league. Three wins out of three! Two more games to go.Talavera next.....

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Important change of fixtures

Our game against Talavera has been switched to Thursday February 17th to accomodate a Standing Cup preliminary tie against Mayhill Junior School in Odiham on Friday February 11th.

Same dates but different fixtures............

Mr Edmunds

And the highwayman came riding, riding, riding and someone kept complaining.

The year 5E assembly was disrupted by an unruly pupil who complained about the romantic nonsense the pupils had recited.
Jake, a pupil in the class sat out the class assembly in protest at having to listen to the "romantic tosh" the other pupils were reciting.
He decided to interrupt the assembly after the recital and and proceeded to claim the Highwayman was merely a criminal, a thief and a robber. A murderer even! His words about the beautiful landlord's daughter Bess were equally as harsh, describing her as the awful, lazy, landlord's daughter who had never done a days work in her life, who just sat at her window all day admiring her stolen jewellery.
George (aka Mr Edmunds) asked the audience to consider whether the Highwayman deserved to die and Jake obviously managed to persuade a significant number of pupils that he did.
What do you think?

Shape poems

How proud we were in 3C, when we showed the class the WONDERFUL shape poems that we had done for Homework.
After sharing their own poems with each other at their desks, each table group of children chose one representative to share their poem with the rest of the class. There was a great deal of excitement, because they were such super poems. We have decided that we will make a poem book of our shape poems, in the same way that we have made a class book of our Autumn poems. Maybe the Mums and Dads can look at them when they come in for parent evenings!

Making beautiful music together

Hampshire Music Service has been working with children in Y3 for the last term and a half. Last term, we learned to play the clarinet, this term we are learning how to play the keyboards. The sessions with Mrs Andrews involve a lot of enjoyable activities - as you can see - and we have reached the stage where we can play some simple patterns using several fingers on one hand!

Science in Y3

Y3's topic on materials was enjoyed by all as we investigated the property of absorbtion in paper towels. We had at least 5 different types of towels, and found that some were a lot more absorbent than others. Strangely, in 3I, the most absorbent was also the cheapest, whereas in 3C, they found that the most absorbent was also the most expensive!

Why not do this test for yourselves? All you need is a kitchen towel and some water!