Friday, 11 February 2011

Midsummer night's dream.

Year five pupils have been thoroughly enjoying their tudor topic work this term. Some pupils have been studying Shakespeare's comedy, Midsummer night's dream, in their guided reading sessions with Mrs Fieldgate. However Shakespeare was an actor/playwright who wanted his work to be seen not just studied, so with that in mind, a booking was made to see Shakespeare4kids production at Camberley theatre.

Studying the programme to find out more about the actors.

With Valentine's day fast approaching, this play underlines that the course of true love is a never smooth one especially if the fairy world becomes involved. Mischievious Puck, played by the outstanding Noel Harron, not only cast his spell on Lysander, Demetrius and the unfortunate Nick Bottom but the whole audience. Wonderful songs were interwoven with Shakespeare's script and a good dose of physical comedy/slapstick made for a superb performance.

Year 5 have been raiding the library for more works by one of our greatest playwrights including Twelfth Night and Henry V. Year 6 will not be missing out as they will be starting their Macbeth unit next week which gives plenty of opportunities for Newport pupils to put their acting / writing skills to good use.

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