Tuesday, 1 February 2011

And the highwayman came riding, riding, riding and someone kept complaining.

The year 5E assembly was disrupted by an unruly pupil who complained about the romantic nonsense the pupils had recited.
Jake, a pupil in the class sat out the class assembly in protest at having to listen to the "romantic tosh" the other pupils were reciting.
He decided to interrupt the assembly after the recital and and proceeded to claim the Highwayman was merely a criminal, a thief and a robber. A murderer even! His words about the beautiful landlord's daughter Bess were equally as harsh, describing her as the awful, lazy, landlord's daughter who had never done a days work in her life, who just sat at her window all day admiring her stolen jewellery.
George (aka Mr Edmunds) asked the audience to consider whether the Highwayman deserved to die and Jake obviously managed to persuade a significant number of pupils that he did.
What do you think?

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