Thursday, 3 February 2011

Two down but two nil!

Newport had to dig deep today to beat a tough St Peters team 2-0 whilst Reece and Lewis were recuperating on Lucozade and grapes at home. What a time to get ill boys!

The boys had to defend really well whilst Reece kept both their defenders occupied up front with his strong play.
A narrow pitch really suited the long St Peters throw ins as they bombarded our goal. Newport, marshalled by Juho in defence and assisted by James kept the yellows at bay whilst Richard, as usual, was confident in claiming all the crosses .

Suddenly, Newport attacked and Reece broke free of their defence to be pulled down as he raced down on goal but no penalty was awarded. The free kick came to nothing.
However minutes later he again raced through the defence to calmly slot home the opener. Almost immediately the reds forced their way up the right with some slick passing and Cameron slotted home to make it 2-0! Great goal .St Peters could hardly believe it!

The second half proved to be a constant wave of yellow attacks . Again, Richard kept calm and stopped and caught everything that came his way. Despite some close shaves, the reds held on, the yellows could not score and the final whistle blew to cap a very determined performance. This was a tough, tough game indeed and the boys had chased everything to earn a win by defending for their lives. Matt and Luke were disappointed not get on today but this was a huge scrap that we had to had to win and we did. We still remain unbeaten in the league. Three wins out of three! Two more games to go.Talavera next.....

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