Friday, 8 May 2015

Adventures before leaving. Nearly home now.

Team Wiseman

It's our turn now!

Left, left, we need to go left!
 No, it's right, it's right!

The best trip ever!

The view from the campfire
I've had a really fantastic time!

                                                        Walking down to the coach

 Farewell Osmington.  We've had a fantastic time.
We're coming home!


Last day...

Clearing out the rooms was really quite quick!

Taking the linen down to the laundry, now that we are packed and ready.
Fun Friday begins..
Robin Hood auditions
We're just about to build a raft. Bet ours doesn't sink!!
Here's the lake before we get to it...
 And we're off

 Our first one in.
Is it getting to be a habit?
Team Price



Thursday, 7 May 2015

Day two at Osmington continued....

When you can pose as well as this, who needs to hit the target?

Problem solving has never been so much fun!

Quad-biking.  They'll be wanting driving lessons next!

Mum, can I have a hat like this for my bike?

A daring young 'un on a flying trapeze!

You got HOW HIGH?

Waiting patiently for our go at leaping off a really high pole!

First you sit on the pole... 

And then you leap into mid air!

The zip wire has been a great hit! 

Fortunately, there's always a trained instructor to look after us.

 Campfire songs bring day two to a great close

We enjoyed singing ourselves to an early sleep!

Keep going, you can do it!

Phew, we found the water, at last!

An early morning walk with an intrepid band of fresh air freaks!

Listening carefully is the key to climbing success