Friday, 28 May 2010

Digging your scene

The cold spring has meant that the Gardening Club have been working hard trying to get our school garden back on track. We have planted a variety ofplants which are attractive to bees and insects and other wildlife. We now have birds nesting in the school grounds and hope to see fledglings soon..

The boys have managed to plant a variety of bushes to form a hedge in the front of the school which will in the long term make the grounds more attractive and be a haven for a variety of wildlife too.

Don't stop believin'

I don't know about street lights ....... but the weather has been rather sunny lately.
The Gremlin dancers have been making the most of the sunshine and practising their routines in the school playground in preparation for their dance at the School Summer Fair on Saturday, June 12th. (11 am start)

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

As part of our English curriculum in Year 5 we are studying another classic book- Treasure Island . We are about half way thorugh the book and the children have to retell the story as part of their lessons. This week we have been using drama to explore the characters' motives and to retell the story.

Donutting and Daring in Year 6

At the end of a jam-packed term, 6J were ready for a rest on Thursday...

They enjoyed a chilled out morning of laying back in "donuts" and zooming down the dry ski slope just down the road from school.

All the adults had a go too and, although disappointed at the lack of any actual donuts to eat, they enjoyed the thrill.

The afternoon was spent on a range of activities back in school, including a blindfold trail around the playground and parachute games.

Thank you to all in 6J for making the day so much fun.

4I Class Assembly

4I had a brilliant class assembly last friday, and they showed off all the hard work they have been doing this half term. We had a waltzing cricket lesson, science TV, some brilliant pop-ups, a flying BFG and a very worn out teacher!

BARFIELD'S BUNDLES OF FUN! Written by 6L pupils

After a stressful year of SATs revision, year six earned themselves a fun day out from school. Making a trip to Barfield School, 6L enjoyed the best day ever! Reaching school at 8:10am should have been a horrendous thought, but not with a day at Barfield in our minds!

We were first introduced to Karl (with shorts), Carl (with trousers), Scott, Tom and Mark, the activity leaders, who provided us with bundles of fun activities. We had the chance to whizz around on quad bikes, experience the adrenaline rush of the high ropes, aim better than Robin Hood in archery and show off our team skills in plenty of team building exercises (thank goodness Holly, Jake, Toby and Aiden had their leadership heads on, or we might still be stuck on the low rope course!)

Alongside this even lunch was amazing, because we got the chance to play rounders and football on a real field!

"We had a great time it was the best day ever!" by Shannon Painter

"The day couldn't have been improved!" by Diya Gurung

"The best part of my day was when Miss Lane and I stood up on the high ropes together!" by Bethany Mills

"I learnt lots of new skills- quad biking was the trickiest though!" by Vincent Bibby

" I didn't think I was brave enough to climb the high ropes right to the top!" by Holly Baker

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Shake, Shake, Shake in year 5

Shake, shake , shake as KC and the Sunshine Band would sing......well year 5 pupils and Mrs Cartlidge actually. The sound of split peas, dried pasta, rice and lentils fills the air as year 5 create their own percussion instruments.

Year 5 in recent weeks have been designing their instruments and now they are creating and going groovy making and shaking musical instruments out of waste products such as plastic milk cartons. Some have been making papier mache instruments from newspaper.

Year 5 certainly know how to reuse and recycle and create a cacophany of noise.


After a mentally exhausting SATs Week, Year 6 really enjoyed taking part in the relaxed (yet highly creative) Art Week.

Our theme was 'the hidden treasures of Aldershot'. Inspired by LS Lowry, who was famous for painting daily life in his hometown of Salford, Year 6 began work on painting a mural of life in Aldershot Town Centre.

Monday: We began our week by studying the life and work of our inspiration: LS Lowry.

Tuesday: Taking a hike to Aldershot Town was the next task! We went on a visit to explore the hidden treasures of town; collecting sketches, photographs and ideas as we strolled around.

Wednesday: Year 6 spent the day sharpening their skills... Perspective and form were the key words of the day. We then used our town studies to plan our final piece.

Thursday: Finally! Work begins on the mural! Lots of drawing up onto the 20metre long mural piece. We also began to publish our studies as a Lowry Sketchbook.

Morning - Quick! Quick! Quick! Paint! Paint! Paint! We have a mural to finish in time for the grand exhibition!

Afternoon - Phew! It's done... To the exhibition!

We loved creating a collaborative piece of Year 6 artwork this week.
Did you spot anywhere you recognised from town?
We were really proud of our work and think it looked even better than Lowry's matchstick men!

So did all the family and friends who came to see our work. Thank you for coming!

Art Attack!

Year 4 had a brillaint art week, exploring many different media to produce some excellent pieces of work. Due to the lovely weather, we explored the school playground and made observational sketches of interesting sights.

We continued our week, making collages using natural materials which the children really enjoyed.

By the end of the week, the whole of year 4 worked together to create an amazing art attack, showing a Newport Juinor child walking to school.

Watch out Warhol here come Year 3! - Check Out Our Gallery on Wizkid!



Year 3 had a morning of photography (as you can see fromt he pictures above, we now have budding David Bailey's!) and sketching in the local area including our pond area.


Year 3 were introduced to Monet's work. We used Monet's Magpie (a winter landscape) for inspiration to create our own using chalk and black paper.


Year 3 were introduced to Andy Warhol and his style of print making. We liked these pictures because they were very different to others we looked at and used limited, but bright, colours.


Year 3 used watercolours and their appreciation of sunsets (thanks to our Red Sky at Night topic) to create a city landscape picture. We graduated red, orange and yellow to form a background for our city scape created in black sugar paper.


The day of our gallery - click on Wizkid to see some of our masterpieces!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Able Artists Workshop

Following on from the fabulous art week at Newport Junior School, a group able artists in Year 4 & 5 had a wonderful opportunity to attend a Rushmoor drawing workshop hosted by Fernhill Primary. Pupils were taught how to use different shading techniques to make their images appear more three dimensional. The workshop allowed plenty of time to experiment with the techniques, as well as the opportunity to make lots of new friends. All the children came away with a framed drawing of their artwork as a memento of the day."I loved it, a great day out", commented Alex.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Sculpture-tastic 2 work in Year 5

Many thanks to all the parents who came along to view our work and made such kind comments.
Here are a selection of photos of their work ; as promised. All the children have clearly enjoyed themselves this week and they have worked so well in teams to create their displays.
We have been so lucky with the weather. It has enabled us to do more than we originally anticipated.