Friday, 28 May 2010

BARFIELD'S BUNDLES OF FUN! Written by 6L pupils

After a stressful year of SATs revision, year six earned themselves a fun day out from school. Making a trip to Barfield School, 6L enjoyed the best day ever! Reaching school at 8:10am should have been a horrendous thought, but not with a day at Barfield in our minds!

We were first introduced to Karl (with shorts), Carl (with trousers), Scott, Tom and Mark, the activity leaders, who provided us with bundles of fun activities. We had the chance to whizz around on quad bikes, experience the adrenaline rush of the high ropes, aim better than Robin Hood in archery and show off our team skills in plenty of team building exercises (thank goodness Holly, Jake, Toby and Aiden had their leadership heads on, or we might still be stuck on the low rope course!)

Alongside this even lunch was amazing, because we got the chance to play rounders and football on a real field!

"We had a great time it was the best day ever!" by Shannon Painter

"The day couldn't have been improved!" by Diya Gurung

"The best part of my day was when Miss Lane and I stood up on the high ropes together!" by Bethany Mills

"I learnt lots of new skills- quad biking was the trickiest though!" by Vincent Bibby

" I didn't think I was brave enough to climb the high ropes right to the top!" by Holly Baker


Jess 6l said...

I loved archery and the leap of faith!!!!!!!!!!!!

bethany said...

I love that day and I even went to the top of the high ropes with miss Lane xxx by Bethany mills 6l year 6