Wednesday, 26 May 2010


After a mentally exhausting SATs Week, Year 6 really enjoyed taking part in the relaxed (yet highly creative) Art Week.

Our theme was 'the hidden treasures of Aldershot'. Inspired by LS Lowry, who was famous for painting daily life in his hometown of Salford, Year 6 began work on painting a mural of life in Aldershot Town Centre.

Monday: We began our week by studying the life and work of our inspiration: LS Lowry.

Tuesday: Taking a hike to Aldershot Town was the next task! We went on a visit to explore the hidden treasures of town; collecting sketches, photographs and ideas as we strolled around.

Wednesday: Year 6 spent the day sharpening their skills... Perspective and form were the key words of the day. We then used our town studies to plan our final piece.

Thursday: Finally! Work begins on the mural! Lots of drawing up onto the 20metre long mural piece. We also began to publish our studies as a Lowry Sketchbook.

Morning - Quick! Quick! Quick! Paint! Paint! Paint! We have a mural to finish in time for the grand exhibition!

Afternoon - Phew! It's done... To the exhibition!

We loved creating a collaborative piece of Year 6 artwork this week.
Did you spot anywhere you recognised from town?
We were really proud of our work and think it looked even better than Lowry's matchstick men!

So did all the family and friends who came to see our work. Thank you for coming!

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