Monday, 29 November 2010

Judo 4 Juniors coming to Newport next term!

Assembly today was an exciting and particularly inspiring affair with some judo exercises with Judo 4 Juniors instructors.

The whole school were fascinated and enthralled by the moves of Natalie Hall, a Great Britain judo representative for over 10 years along with her fellow instructors who were giving the pupils an opportunity to try judo.

Judo will be coming to Newport next term with morning sessions commencing at 8am .

There is a fee of £40 for 10 weeks tuition with free intial judo suit hire in the first term .

Judo4juniors are affiliated to Camberley Judo Club (CJC) who have produced successful international judokas.

Further details can be obtained from the admin office

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Hot off the e mail - Newport reds have drawn either:

Herne from Petersfield OR Purbrook from Waterlooville.
We will wait for their result and arrange a fixture asap.
With the weather as it is the 3rd round draw has been allowed to pass over until the new year if they cannot play their games.

Games for the 4th round need to be played by 27th January 2011.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Feed the birds

It may look warm in the photo but the weather has certainly got a lot colder recently. Year 5 have been sorting out where to place some "new" bird feeders in the school grounds.
We have placed feeders of fat balls and peanuts in the avenue of trees leading to the front entrance.
"We have a supply of fat balls but could always do with more supplies of peanuts, sun flower seeds or other suitable bird food" Mr Kellett told Mr Edmunds.

Crisis? What crisis?

With the cold weather and the heating crisis in upper school, year 5 were challenged to bring in their warmest and best hats. Engineers and plumbers were called in but no fashion police were called to arrest anyone ..........
and the winner was: everyone!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

No problem with problems.

We've been hard at work in Maths.
The white boards we use are invaluable.
Here is a typical year 5 Maths question involving ratio :

In a large tin of chocolates the ratio of soft centres to hard centres is 3:1. If there are 40 chocolates in the box how many hard centres are there?

Here is a typical year 5 response!

Where's Isambard Kingdom Brunel?

Year 5 have been playing a typical Victorian game that was a forerunner for the very well known "Where's Wally?"

A bridge too far...

This week Year 6 pupils followed in the footsteps of the famous Victorian engineer , Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who was reknowned for building bridges. The task of making a strong bridge from nothing but paper, glue and a few nuts and bolts might have been daunting for some however it was greeted with relish by the 13 teams competing in the build a bridge competition.

The teams were briefed by Dr Hayley Tamblyn & Charlene Knox of CardGeotechnics Ltd on the various different bridge types: arch,beam and suspension. Armed with this knowledge, the teams had only an hour to build a bridge that could transport a truck over a gap of 50cm.

Newport's team were praised by Dr Tamblyn on being one of the first teams to pay close attention to constructing a strong reinforced deck. Aaron , in particular, impressed the judges with his attention to detail. Everyone on the Newport team contributed to ensuring the bridge was completed on time.

All the great team work paid off and Newport succeeded in building a strong bridge although they found the testing rather nerve wracking as judged by the expressions on the team's faces.

Well done to Gemma, Aaron, Juho, Irron, Lewis and Cameron who really enjoyed the practical aspects of this challenge and now have a greater understanding of the skills needed to undertake civil engineering projects.


Year 5 pupils are hoping to have a socksessful time in the Christmas fair next week ( Thursday, December 2nd.).

The class were divided into groups, just like in the Apprentice and have been creating socks to fill with sweets for the Christmas fair. It wasn't as cut throat as the Apprentice but there was a lot more glitter just like Strictly Come Dancing. At the end it seemed as if more glitter was left on the carpet than the actual socks.
Year 5 would like to apologise to the cleaners for the glittering carpet they left wasn't them apparently. please come along and buy our socks and help the school .

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

No go for Newport

Newport girls suffered their first league defeat as they lost 1-3 to a very good St Bernadette's team this week.
The girls played very well and Mr Lee the referee sent an email congratualting the girls on their impeccable manners and respect.
Newport levelled with a goal from Meila but unfortunately could not contain the very strong St Bernadette's girls in the second half. Again Mrs Henchy took a large squad of girls to the game and everyone played.
Our final game this year is next Friday (December 3rd) at St Peter's. It is not hard to find and is near St Patrick's. Just ask Mrs Henchy!
This will be the final game for Chloe and Sophie who are both moving abroad very shortly. We will all miss you girls.

B team buzz at St B's

Newport boys B team played another friendly tonight. This time our opponents were St Bernadettes .

Some of the boys were making their school debuts whilst others were making their second appearance in our new red Santander sponsored shirts.

On a chilly but dry evening the boys were bolstered by a few more year 6 boys and they were much better organised against a fast and enthusiastic St Bernadette's team.

After a frantic start St Bernadette's opened the scoring with a great shot past Luke in goal . This didn't deter the boys and there were some close shaves at either end before their best player scored a long range scorcher (which surprised him as well) just before half time to make the score 0-2.

The second half started with Rohil and Jordan coming on as subs and the game remained very evenly contested. Jake went close with a few good shots but Newport let in a really sloppy third from a corner and despite a lot of tackling and dribbling by Muhammet and a great effort from James the game ended in a well deserved win for St Bernadette's.
However this was a great team effort from the Newport reds. All the players impressed but special mention should go to Muhammet who tackled and challenged for every ball.

Team: Luke (captain) Jack M. (vice captn) Arran D., Muhammet, Aaron Y., James, Luke, Rohil, Jordan and Jake . MoM: Muhammet. Final score :0-3.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Elvis was in the building......

All the school got dressed up in spots or stripes or as a celebrity today in aid of Children in Need. Very apt as year 5 have been studying the difficult plight of children in Victorian times.

Year 5 pupils came in an assortment of spotted and striped fashions and celebrities unknown to Mr Edmunds. Kesha ? Selina Gomez?

No fashion police were involved in today's fun fund raising.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Joanna double stunner sinks St Patrick's

Newport girls finally started their league fixtures with a great 4-0 win against Saint Patrick's.

In a game which they dominated they squandered a host of chances before a long throw in was deflected into the goal by the home goalkeeper. Bizarrely there was a second goal just like this whilst Joanna impressed with her strong running and two superb goals to sink any hopes St Patrick's had of salvaging a draw.

Players today were Amelia, Megan, Elise, Meila, Chloe, Rachel, Ellen, Sophie, Shannon D. and Joanna.

This season has started so well and all the girls have had an opportunity to play for the school. We have never had so many girls so keen to play football.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Victorian day

Year 5 went back in time to recreate a Victorian day. It was an opportunity for the pupils to dress up and have a bit of fun and understand the hardships children faced in Victorian times.

Going to school in Victorian times varied greatly depending on how rich or poor you were. Most children at the start of Queen Victoria's reign actually didn't go to school but went to work.

The day passed so quickly that perhaps we should have a Victorian week next year?

Christmas cooperation with Connaught.

On Wednesday morning the year six classrooms were empty, no hardworking pupils or staff were to be seen. Could it be that those strict Victorian teachers, Mrs Lloyd and Mr Edmunds had given out a dreadful punishment to the upper school?

Well, no the reason was not sinister at all.... With the Christmas fair rapidly approaching, Year 6 had been invited by our link secondary school, Connaught, to join them for a morning of packed full of design & technology /ICT.

The schools have been collaborating to make pencil pots to sell at Newport school fair. Year six were split into three groups which rotated around the different tasks. Using the D&T workshops, pupils were given "hands on" experience of the pillar drill and electonic lathes. Miss Land, Head of D&T, briefed the children on the safe use and operation of the machinery. Soon the wooden pencil pots, customised to hold six pens/pencils, began to take shape.

The task of publicising the Christmas pencil pots was done in the spacious ICT suite where pupils, ably assisted by Mrs Williams and some of her year 7 pupils, designed some eye catching posters to attract potential pencil pot customers .

This hard work in the workshop was followed by an energetic work out in the gym however it was not only the body that was exercised in this session. Children were given some tough challenges, using various items of PE equipment. The value and importance of listening and team work were highlighted as can be seen in the photographs. A fun time was had by all under the guidance of Mr Munnings from School Sport Partnership.

All to quickly the morning came to an end, the mission to manufacture the pencil pots had been accomplished. It was a great experience to visit and work at Connaught, with many former Newport pupils keen to greet their former teachers and schoolmates . Many thanks to all the Connaught staff who made us feel so welcome and to Mrs lock for organising the visit.

Just a reminder that these wonderful pencil pots will be on sale at the Christmas Fair on Thursday 2nd December at 6:15pm.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Tricky Tangrams

After studying 2D shape this week, Year 6 decided to apply their knowledge of the properties of polygons...

Eagerly, we tackled Tangram puzzles which originate from ancient China.
This puzzle requires you to piece together 7 shapes in order to form figures and objects.

It's a tricky skill, but eventually we got there!

In the immortal words of Rolf Harris, "Can you tell what it is yet?"

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

When a square is a rectangle and a parallelogram!

In Year Six we have been investigating the properties of 2D shapes. We have explored the parallel and perpendicular lines found in quadrilaterals and used this information to help us classify different shapes. We have also explored different types of triangles and practised drawing them (not always as easy as you think!)

We have discovered that a simple shape such as a square can also be classified as a rectangle, a rhombus and a parallelogram! Phew!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Poetry Performances

Year 3 started off their poetry unit of work by looking at performing poetry. We started our week with Please Mrs Butler, taking on some of the different roles in the poem, we then looked at The Sound Collector, and how to use instruments in the different verses. We ended our week looking at the poem I Know Someone. The children performed in small groups, and decided amongst themselves which instruments they would use, and how they could use their voices for added expression.

Hampshire Cup 3rd round lucky update.

Having played the second round as soon as we knew our opponents we have had a long, long wait to find out our next opponents.

We have just received the draw for the third round and we have had an early Christmas present with a bye into the quarter final.

How good is that?

The future looks bright, the future looks red....

See you in the quarter final!

Call me Edward Synonym

Year 5 pupils have been making a big effort to improve their vocabulary.

By playing some silly word games we have found this to be a good way of expanding our vocabulary and having a bit of fun at the same time.

Here we can see Edward being tested by Lucy in our recent synonym word game.

Chance to shine - in the rain

All Year 4 and 5 pupils have had the opportunity to play kwik cricket with a qualified coach courtesy of Aldershot Cricket Club this week.

Following a quick skills session,the pupils were let loose to play a quickfire game of diamond kwik cricket which was terribly exciting for all concerned.

A number of pupils showed a great aptitude with bat and ball whilst for many this was a chance to learn new skills.

In a very close game in year 5 , team A/B beat C/D with some fine shots by Sophie, Edward and George in particular. Everyone agreed that the cricket was immense fun.

Any child interested in improving their skills and playing regular competitive can play at our local club -Aldershot Cricket Club.Contact the school or Malcolm Kerry at A.C.C for further details

Together, we are Newport

Our boys B team wore our brand new football kit kindly donated by Mr and Mrs Colclough on behalf of Santander.

Our regular kit suppliers managed to get the school badge sewn on during half term and we got them back in time for the game!

You can imagine how excited our boys were.

Thank you Santander!

Footy fun at St Michaels.

A little later than usual, we have managed to visit St Michael's and play what has become our annual mini football tournament.
In total, 37 boys and girls supported by an army of MaDs (mums and dads) from Newport enjoyed a lovely autumn evening playing football.
The boys A and B teams and a girls teams played simultaneously.
The A team boys' fixture was a league fixture and I'm pleased to say they won 4-1 with Reece and Reece scoring all 4 goals. This time Reece M. scored a hat trick to add to his fine goal against St Josephs. Well done boys!
Unfortunately, the B team boys didn't fare so well and sunk to a 6-0 defeat against a very able and generally older St Michael's B team. It was a tough start for the red shirted Santander boys. Their first competitive game for the school started with 5 goals conceded in the first half.
However, the boys showed a positive attitude.The second half saw a determined effort and only a single goal conceded. Near the end as both teams tired Josh missed by a whisker.

The girls are proving to be a force to be reckoned with and won their friendly rather easily 6-0 against an inexperienced St Michaels team. The entire squad of 16 girls made an appearance for the school team. Well done!

Friday, 5 November 2010

So close.....

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and straight away you can see the excellent listening and teamwork that Year 6 displayed whilst competing in a tough First partnership challenge( originally devised for Year 9 pupils). Along with 10 other schools, Newport had to form a construction company to build a very complex model. Co-operation between pupils had to excellent in order to succeed . Project manager ,Gemma, expertly assisted by Rhiann who took on the role of site engineer, were the only team members to glimpse sight of the model in the architect's office.
Communicating the design to Lewis, the planner, was extremely tough. However it wasn't long before Newport's quantity surveyor,Katie, was off to purchase the required materials. Juho and Cameron were then set the tricky task of reconstructing the model exactly. Difficult decisions had to be made as to how much was spent buying time to view the model, purchase bricks etc . The team were determined to get a perfect model and tension began to build as shown by the pictures above. Working to incredibly tight deadlines, Newport finished with only seconds to spare.
Newport's model had all the correct bricks in the right position with the exception of two that needed to be swapped round. The judges gave a special mention to the Newport team, complimenting them on their model accuracy and excellent costings. Mrs Fieldgate was very proud of the team who were a real credit to themselves and the school, their listening skills and co-operation were superb!
Comments from the team:
"I learnt to work as a team and to communicate really well. The day was great"
" I loved it and I learnt that teamwork is essential. I had so much fun".
" It was a really tough challenge, but I enjoyed working as a team".

Thursday, 4 November 2010

6LE Advertise Theme Park Rides.

Year 6 are hooked!

Our new topic is all about fairground rides.

We are going to be investigating all the forces used in rides and also design and make our own. So watch out - our class will be a theme park itself by the end of term!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Newport pupils impress County Councillors!

Four pupils from Newport Junior School joined many important people involved in providing IT services in Hampshire to demonstrate to the Hampshire County Councillors how IT is used to improve efficiency within the County. Our pupils demonstrated how they enjoy learning using our Virtual learning Platform - Wizkid and answered all the Councillors' questions about how we use IT to teach and learn in Hampshire. Everyone was really impressed with how confident our pupils were and we are extremely proud of them!

The highlight of their day was a tour around the 'data centre' at The Castle in Winchester which is where all the information from all the schools and other council services is stored. We all enjoyed walking along the special air-conditioned floor and were even shown a top secret room. We could tell you what was in it but... we are sworn to secrecy!

Newport News

Year 3 have been learning about how to write reports. We took all our knowledge and skills in writing to create news broadcasts about events in the media and in our school. We noticed that some of the features we used in writing were the same in our news broadcasts such as making sure we were using facts not opinions. Have a look at one of our broadcasts below with Megan and Tia: