Friday, 5 November 2010

So close.....

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and straight away you can see the excellent listening and teamwork that Year 6 displayed whilst competing in a tough First partnership challenge( originally devised for Year 9 pupils). Along with 10 other schools, Newport had to form a construction company to build a very complex model. Co-operation between pupils had to excellent in order to succeed . Project manager ,Gemma, expertly assisted by Rhiann who took on the role of site engineer, were the only team members to glimpse sight of the model in the architect's office.
Communicating the design to Lewis, the planner, was extremely tough. However it wasn't long before Newport's quantity surveyor,Katie, was off to purchase the required materials. Juho and Cameron were then set the tricky task of reconstructing the model exactly. Difficult decisions had to be made as to how much was spent buying time to view the model, purchase bricks etc . The team were determined to get a perfect model and tension began to build as shown by the pictures above. Working to incredibly tight deadlines, Newport finished with only seconds to spare.
Newport's model had all the correct bricks in the right position with the exception of two that needed to be swapped round. The judges gave a special mention to the Newport team, complimenting them on their model accuracy and excellent costings. Mrs Fieldgate was very proud of the team who were a real credit to themselves and the school, their listening skills and co-operation were superb!
Comments from the team:
"I learnt to work as a team and to communicate really well. The day was great"
" I loved it and I learnt that teamwork is essential. I had so much fun".
" It was a really tough challenge, but I enjoyed working as a team".

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