Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Christmas cooperation with Connaught.

On Wednesday morning the year six classrooms were empty, no hardworking pupils or staff were to be seen. Could it be that those strict Victorian teachers, Mrs Lloyd and Mr Edmunds had given out a dreadful punishment to the upper school?

Well, no the reason was not sinister at all.... With the Christmas fair rapidly approaching, Year 6 had been invited by our link secondary school, Connaught, to join them for a morning of packed full of design & technology /ICT.

The schools have been collaborating to make pencil pots to sell at Newport school fair. Year six were split into three groups which rotated around the different tasks. Using the D&T workshops, pupils were given "hands on" experience of the pillar drill and electonic lathes. Miss Land, Head of D&T, briefed the children on the safe use and operation of the machinery. Soon the wooden pencil pots, customised to hold six pens/pencils, began to take shape.

The task of publicising the Christmas pencil pots was done in the spacious ICT suite where pupils, ably assisted by Mrs Williams and some of her year 7 pupils, designed some eye catching posters to attract potential pencil pot customers .

This hard work in the workshop was followed by an energetic work out in the gym however it was not only the body that was exercised in this session. Children were given some tough challenges, using various items of PE equipment. The value and importance of listening and team work were highlighted as can be seen in the photographs. A fun time was had by all under the guidance of Mr Munnings from School Sport Partnership.

All to quickly the morning came to an end, the mission to manufacture the pencil pots had been accomplished. It was a great experience to visit and work at Connaught, with many former Newport pupils keen to greet their former teachers and schoolmates . Many thanks to all the Connaught staff who made us feel so welcome and to Mrs lock for organising the visit.

Just a reminder that these wonderful pencil pots will be on sale at the Christmas Fair on Thursday 2nd December at 6:15pm.

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