Friday, 27 November 2009


During Bullying Week, 6L defined what bullying is; investigating where it may take place and who could be involved. We understood quite a lot about bullying, but decided to further explore the role of those who witness bullying in the playground. How were they involved?

6L came to the conclusion that those who witness the bullying of others', have (though not by choice) become involved in the situation. If they choose to ignore the suffering of their peers, then they are just as bad as the bullies!

To demonstrate the power of a witness who helps, we created our own movie: SAM'S DILEMMA - WHAT WOULD YOU DO? In which Sam, who witnesses the bullying of Anish, must decide which course of action to take... Should he worry about himself, or help his classmate by telling an adult?

We had immense fun making our film (even though it was a little chilly!), and 6L hope that you enjoy watching it... If you were Sam: WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Please be patient whilst the movie downloads!


Bethany said...

This is so cool! Sam definitely made the right choice!

toby said...

we all had lots of fun

Elliot said...

lets give a big hand to miss lane for helping us do the video and we all had lots of fun making the video

zoe porter said...

Even though I have left Newport to go to heath-end I still wanted to comment on the movie. Well done to all involved, you did a great job! It's true what you said in that movie, and thats why you need good friends to help you in this sort of situation. WELL DONE!

jess 6l said...

making their movie was great my group tried to do it but all the pictures deleted themseleves well done to my friends who got to do it!!

jess still in 6l! said...

Even thouhg i am now at ash manor i still look on here to see what is going on i remember doing this it was great!