Friday, 13 November 2009

Rights Day - a celebration of Hungarian culture.

Because we know everyone has the right to their own culture and beliefs, today we respected this right by exploring life in Hungary.

Vincent shared some traditional Hungarian items which his family made. We all researched facts about the nation and we produced an informative poster.

Next, we studied how the history of the country has influenced modern art. Using this knowledge, Year 6 created their own tympanons (traditionally found above church doorways).

All the children had the opportunity to bake their own Hungarian thumprint cookies, which we hope they shared with those at home!

In the afternoon, we used all our new understanding about the country to design a Hungarian coat of arms, which represented their culture.

We all enjoyed learning about the Hungarian culture, which really gave us the chance to get to know Vincent a little better.

Huge thanks to Vincent and his family for giving us their time and sharing their culture with us!


isabelle said...

Thank you Vince, we had great fun!

jessica said...

yes thank you vince and thankyou to your mum we had a great time