Friday, 13 November 2009

Year 3 take a trip to Pakistan!

On Friday 13th November, Newport Junior held a Rights Day. As part of it we celebrated the cultures within our school. Year 3 chose to celebrate Pakistan and its culture. We learnt lots of new things, tasted lots of new foods, learnt a new dance and made some beautiful beads! We also learnt to speak one of the most popular languages in Pakistan - Urdu.

Thanks to 2 members of our year group for supplying us with some fantastic resources and facts. We had a great day as you can see from our pictures.

Raita and Naan Bread = Yummy!

Here are Miss Waller and a year 3 student making beads out of breadcrumbs!

Here we are designing a henna tatoo - Mehndi.

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tiarna said...

i wish i was there in year 3 tiarna