Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Terrific Year 6 Team Work Wins Prize

Year 6 pupils were celebrating their success in the First Partnership "Build a Bridge" competition .Following an interesting talk on bridges by David ,a civil engineer from Winchester based company, Upton McGoughan, 9 school teams were set the challenge of building a bridge from only paper and screws! Excellent communication and team coupled with a simple yet effective design resulted in Newport being awarded the Strongest Structure award.

Pupil comments:

"It was really fun,but extremely challenging.We had to work as a team using a lot of our maths and communication skills.Overall it was enjoyable and creative". -Megan

" The challenge was very exciting and needed a lot of skills to do it properly including creative ideas, team work and dedication. Winning the strongest structure prize was tough as we had a couple of structure problems at first,but we pulled through".-Ellis.

"We learnt triangles are stronger than squares," commented Holly and Ben.

Mrs Fieldgate was very proud of the team and their achievement in winning against some tough competition.


Ben said...

3 cheers for mrs fieldgate!and for the rest of the team!

isabelle said...

it was really fun! I still can't believe we won a prize