Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Brilliant Builders in Year 6

Year 6 pupils were celebrating being named as runners up in the First Partnership Building Challenge. The judges were hugely impressed with the Newport's team work,communication skills and co-ordination. " It was extremely stressful to have the team rely on your memory of the model", commented Aiden (Project manager) and Melissa ( Site Enginner). Jamie (Planner)interpreted their ideas accurately on paper under the watchful eye of team mates Gemma( Builder) and Megan (Foreman). The competition was very close contested between 7 Hampshire schools although Newport's sensible use of resources along with excellent budget guidance from Diya (Quantity Surveyor) meant they constructed the most cost efficient and accurate building model.

The Newport team made friends during the break whilst judging took place. Mr Dunacan Kim , a bridge designer, from WSP presented Newport pupils with their prizes.

Well done Year 6! (Perhaps Mrs de Sausmarez should consult them for any future school building projects).

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