Monday, 27 February 2012

Heads,toes, hearts and lungs....

Some Year 4/5 pupils today got the wonderful opportunity at the Rushmoreable science cluster to get close to seeing how the heart and lungs work closely together. Dave Cook, from Cove Secondary school, led the session and started by asking the children why is it that insects don't have a set of lungs like us? The children then watched a series of practical experiments to show the anatomy of the these vital organs  ( using organs obtained from sheep), followed by some experiments to discover how hard the heart has to work during exercise. Andrei, Zak and Markus drew line graphs of their results and explained their results fully in terms of blood oxygen levels and the heart's pumping action.
Did you know we can do without water for 3 days, food for 3 weeks but only 3 minutes without oxygen?

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