Friday, 14 January 2011

The 'ayes' to the right ...

Phew - the temperature rose today as Year Six participated in a Newport Parliament Session. The motions to be discussed were:

This house believes that guns should be banned.
(Ayes: 15 Nos: 16)

This house believes that video games cause children to become more violent and should therefore be aged restricted.
(Ayes 22 Nos:14)

This house believes that adults should make important decisions which affect a child's future.
(Ayes 26 Nos 11)

After listening to both sides of the arguments, the floor poised challenging and insightful questions to the teams. The team debating for the second motion came under real pressure as the floor threw some very direct towards them. They were clearly skillful in their replies however as they won their debate 22 to 14!

Well done Year Six - you have learnt so much about how debating can help us make informed decisions about the way we live in society. Maybe one of you will be our next prime Minister! (If you are, can I have a raise? Tee hee!)

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sam said...

that was great fun!