Thursday, 13 January 2011

Ooops! Can we get Miss Lane's sugar back?

Mrs Lock was having a bit too much fun today with mixing different materials together. Unfortunately she 'accidentally' poured Miss Lane's sugar into her jug of water, sand and marbles. Class 6LE were challenged to find a way to recover ALL the sugar before Miss Lane found out! We experimented with sieving and filtering and discovered that whilst sieves are good for removing large particles (marbles) and filters can remove small particles (the sand), the sugar was nowhere to be found!
Eventually, we realised that the sugar had actually dissolved into the water forming a solution. Making links to last term's work on the water-cycle, we worked out that we could recover the sugar if we left the solution somewhere warm so that the water would evaporate.

Phew! Now, don't tell Miss Lane will you! :)

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