Monday, 3 December 2007

6E Assembly

On Friday 30th November, 6E held their class assembly as a Newsround report on 'GERMS' yuk !!

They talked about micro-organisms or microbes, which we generally know as BACTERIA, VIRUSES and FUNGI.

These are strange organisms, as most of them are only one cell. They are tough and some can survive for a long time in extreme or harsh conditions. Most people don't take them seriously, but if you don't take care, they can make you seriously ill or even kill you.

It is important to keep food cold and refrigerated or bacteria can multiply very rapidly. Never keep uncooked and cooked food together. Bacteria can multiply every ten minutes if conditions are warm and moist. The Mad Professor Octopus told us that :

  • In one hour one bacterium can multiply to 64 bacteria.
  • In the next hour, these can multiply to over 4000 bacteria.
  • In 3 hours these will multiply to 262144 bacteria.
  • After 4 hours these can then multiply to over 16 million bacteria.

So, if you leave food unattended and open to the environment, the risk of food poisoning increases very rapidly. You should therefore, keep things clean and hygienic and always refrigerate and wrap your food.

6E were also studying biographies and told a little about 'The Father of Microbiology' Louis Pasteur, who discovered that heating food would kill off microbes. This process is still used today. We know it as PASTEURISATION.

So we must all take care.

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