Thursday, 31 January 2008

Magical Myth Challenge

This term year 6 have been studying Ancient Greece and began by researching myths, including Perseus and the Gorgon's head, the volcano monster and many others.

A group of pupils were then given the exciting challenge of writing their own Greek inspired myth to read to Belle Vue Infant School pupils. They were planned, written and edited in a day and published in an anthology. To help the pupils keep within the tight deadline, they used our laptops to help with editing and to include illustrations that would appeal to the younger pupils at Belle Vue.

The pupil's anthology included some exciting new myths : Dementer and the Rainbow, the Sphinx and the Siren as well as retelling of a less well known myth, Athene and Arachne.

The Belle Vue pupils enjoyed the stories and a copy of them can be found in our reception area.

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