Monday, 13 September 2010

Move Over Einstein!

Move over Einstein - Year 6 are investigating in science!

In science this week, Year Six have been setting their own investigation questions to find out about evaporation.

Here are some of our questions:

Does a fan speed up the rate of evaporation?

Do puddles with a larger surface area evaporate faster or slower than puddles with a smaller surface area?

Do deep puddles dry quicker than shallow ones?

Does heat speed up the rate of evaporation?

We had to plan how we would conduct our investigations to make sure that our tests were fair. One group had to take particular care to use safety goggles and a sand tray because they were using matches and candles.

We have gathered our results and next lesson we are going to analyse them and draw conclusions.

We will keep you posted about what we have found out!

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