Thursday, 9 December 2010

Winter Is Celebrated In Style With 'The Snow Queen'

ALL of Newport's children have proudly presented an amazing performance of the 'Snow Queen'
The Snow Queen is a tale about an evil witch who kidnaps Kay and hides him away in her ice palace, guarded by her sprites. Gerda, his faithful foster sister, sets off on a quest to rescue him. With the power of her magic rose and the help of the crows and other characters on her journey, she finally releases Kay from the icy grips of the Snow Queen.

'The performances were amazing, all the children were incredible. I'd like to thank all the staff in all the support they have given' Mrs. Ewing.

Here are some highlights of the production. All photos are part of the CD that can be purchased for £3 from the school office.

Evil ice sprites from 3I

The comedy value of the crows.

The Snow Queen hypnotises Kay into her way of life.

Gerda picks up the magical rose. She then sets about trying to rescue Kay from the evil grip of the Snow Queen.

The whole school join together to sing the finale . The children then went on to perform this play to over 400 adults in 2 evening performances. Well Done to everyone involved: pupils, parents and staff!

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